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If you are looking for a place to find superior used cars, an auto auction is the place for you!  Auto auctions make buying a used car affordable, more so than at a dealership.  Southern California holds police auctions quite often, and one of the most anticipated categories is auto sales.  Most of the cars that end up in auto auctions were seized from their previous owners by law enforcement agencies because the owners failed to make payments.  People with tax liability can lose their vehicles, too.  These high value vehicles are obviously not sent off to be scrapped, but rather put up for auction so you can take advantage of great savings.


The number of cars being seized has increased dramatically in recent years, causing the government to host more auctions to get the surplus vehicles out of parking lots!  The bidding in these auctions can start as low as $100, so you can see the affordable aspect of purchasing superior used cars from auctions.  The cars going up for auction are not clunkers, in fact quite the opposite.  Most cars are only two to three years old with very low mileage.  These are the kinds of cars you could be paying close to retail value for at a car dealership.  The value you can get on auction auto sales in Southern California will make you feel like you got away with a steal!  Join the thousands of smart buyers who have recognized the value and affordability of the superior used cars being sold in auctions not just in San Diego, but all over the country.

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