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A Top Used Luxury Car – The Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes has long been known for not only make quality cars, but luxury cars.  Because of this, it may not be very surprising to see the Mercedes S-Class topping the list for best used luxury sedan.  In fact, Auto Express recently named it as the best used luxury model.  It is common knowledge that you will lose between 30% and 50% of the value of a new car in it’s first three years, which is why so many people are now scrambling for a 2007 Mercedes S600 Sedan.  Here is a quick look at what it has to offer.

As with all Mercedes products, the S-Class is built with exceptional quality and longevity in mind.  This is particularly useful with used cars because the mechanics are very robust and have a long life-span.  Fortunately, most luxury cars are treated well by their owners, which means that purchasing a used Mercedes will likely ensure that it has been well maintained, improving the longevity and durability even more.

While talking about durability and longevity, people are turning to the Mercedes S-Class for luxury, so here is a look at some of it’s most luxurious features. 

600 Watt Harman/Kardon Logic7 Digital Surround Sound System

It features a total of 14 speakers, 5.1 channel amp, and digital-multichannel surround sound.  There is even dynamic volume control.  There is also a 6 disc CD changer.  Additionally, there is a built-in memory card slot so that you can transfer audio files from your PC to a memory card and then play them directly through the COMMAND system.


The 2007 S600 Mercedes sedan has a 20 GB in dash navigation system that is hard drive based.  The GPS uses real-time satellite data to determine where you car is as well as place it within the included map databases.  Additionally, the GPS satellite link provides 24 hour live emergency assistance and information.


The Mercedes S-Class showcases an ABC suspension system.  This unique system uses a coil spring as well as a hydraulic cylinder that is electronically controlled in combination with a separate, gas-pressurized shock absorber in each wheel.  With all of this combined, the Mercedes will constant be changing the suspension of each wheel to counter natural vibrations and pitch.  You can also control your “ride height”, which automatically lowers as you increase your speed.

Interior Features

As with most luxury Mercedes cars, the list of interior features seems to go on for days and the S-Class is no exception.  You will have everything from fingertip shift buttons and ambient light to 4-zone climate control and electrostat dust/pollen filter.

If you are looking for the best used luxury sedan, then the Mercedes S-Class should definitely be at the top of your list.  By targeting a Mercedes that is 3 years old, you will not only maximize your savings, but also ensure that your car feels as new as possible.  Plus, as with all Mercedes vehicles, you will be driving in the lap luxury.

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