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Used Car Review – Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has been around since 1980 so there are a lot of used Camrys available.  Since 1991, it has fallen into the mid-size category, before that it was designed as a compact.  Over the last decade, the Toyota Camry has consistently been one of the highest selling vehicles every year.  It is known for its excellent suspension, a lot of interior space, and an all around sedan.  To get a better idea about what the Camry is all about, here is a quick used car review about the Toyota Camry over the last decade.

1997-2001 Used Toyota Camry Review

Between 1997 and 2001, the Toyota Camry was a consistent leader as a family class car.  There were several basic options to choose from including the four door sedan and two door coupe, both of which are front wheel drive.  It was well known for its spacious interior that was both quite and comfortable.  It also was designed to be very easy to drive, with a very user-friendly dashboard design.  The biggest strengths of this Camry was the excellent fuel economy, smooth, comfortable ride, and solid reliability.  Some of the potential weaknesses of the 1997-2001 Camry include a very plain interior, non-durable steering wheel, and poor side support in the front seats. 

2002-2006 Used Toyota Camry Review

From 2002-2006, the Toyota Camry was considered to be on the most economical cars in its class, and maintained its status as an excellent family car.  The Camry was only a 4 door sedan, as the two door style was renamed the Camry Solara.  The 2002-2003 Camry received 5 stars for the driver and 4 stars for the passenger during its safety ratings and in 2005-2006 it improved to 5 stars for both seats.  The strengths of this vehicle include excellent gas mileage and rear seat space, as well as a quiet, smooth ride.  The potential weaknesses of the 2002-2006 Used Toyota Camry include a plain-looking design, increased price (compared to competitors), and comparatively low quality original paint job (it is very easy to scratch).

2007 and Beyond Used Toyota Camry Review

In 2007, the Toyota Camry was completely redesigned and given a whole new look.  It featured an increase in overall power, without sacrificing fuel efficiency.  The first electric-hybrid Camry was also introduced during this time.  With all of these changes, the price tag increased a little and this has translated to higher used car prices as well.  However regarding features, performance, and reputation, the Camry has raised the bar for family sedans.

The Toyota Camry continues to make exciting changes and progressions, but this only benefits people searching for a used Toyota Camry.  Since it become a mid-sized vehicle in 1997, the Camry has been a leader for family cars.  With its fresh redesign in 2007, it raised the bar in comfort, performance, and reliability, while maintaining the high standards that people have come to expect from Toyota vehicles.  The Toyota Camry has always been one of the best-selling Toyota vehicles and this trend doesn’t seem to be changing any time in the near future.

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