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Anchorage Used Cars For Sale: How To Get The Best Deal

When hunting for Anchorage used cars for sale there are a variety of different routes that you can choose. The bigger question is how to get the best deal possible. As a general rule, auto auctions tend to provide the best opportunity to purchase quality used cars for sale at the lowest prices and Anchorage is no exception. The key is determining which types of auctions in Anchorage will best suit your needs. There are three types of auctions that tend to be the most productive within the Anchorage area. It is up to you to determine which specific type of auction will best fit your needs.

The first two types of auctions are not only popular in Anchorage AK, but across the entire United States. They are government preowned vehicle auctions and repossession auctions. Anchorage tends to be the primary location for the federal and state auctions within Alaskan borders. This means that over the course of a year there will be more government sponsored auctions in Anchorage that anywhere else in the state. As a result, your opportunity for finding the best deal possible is dramatically increased. When looking at all of the Anchorage used cars for sale at these types of auctions, you will notice that there will be two or three manufacturers that dominate the available vehicles and they will all be domestic. By specifically targeting these cars, you will be able to lock in the best deal. This is because with so many of the same type of car available, no bidders are willing to pay anywhere near market value to get them because they know that another one will be available within minutes.

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Repossession auctions are also popular in Anchorage and will offer the greatest variety in terms of selection. While targeting scarcer vehicles could mean that you pay a little extra for the one you want, it will still be well below market value. The thing to keep in mind about repossession auctions is that it is impossible to predict what cars will be available until the listing is released.

The third type of auction is the one which most people overlook. It is referred to as a cargo or shipping container auction. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is the third busiest airport for cargo traffic in the entire world. It also receives more than 95% of all of the goods entering the state of Alaska. As a result, there are a large number of unclaimed or unpaid shipping containers which are put up for auction. While there will be more than just cars available at these auctions, the vehicles tend to be fairly inexpensive. The only potential drawback to attending this type of auction is that finding used cars for sale is not a guarantee because the shipping containers will not be opened until the auction begins.

If targeting Anchorage AK used cars for sale is your only priority then government and repossession auctions will be your best strategy. However, if you want to take a little bit more of a risk, then shipping container auctions could prove to be very useful. In the end, it doesn’t matter which type of auction you choose because auto auctions in general will always be the most consistent way to get the best deals.

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