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Best Used Car Deals Found In West Covina, CA

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, then may be trying to find out what the best used car deals found in West Covina, CA are.  West Covina has a unique automotive landscape which makes it a fantastic place to get a deal on a quality used car.  It is located about 20 miles east of the Los Angeles downtown area.  Additionally, it is considered to primarily be an upper-middle class suburb because the median household income is much higher than the California average.  These characteristics, along with a few others, makes it a great place to buy a used car.

What Makes West Covina, CA a Great Place To Find the Best Used Car Deals?

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There are several characteristics that make West Covina a great place to buy a used car.  One of the biggest reasons that you can find so many great deals on used cars is because a larger than normal percentage of the population tends to buy new cars.  This means that there are more used cars on the market than in most other areas of the country.  Additionally, there are less people interested in buying these cars, which results in lower average prices. 

West Covina has also recently undergone a very proactive business redevelopment plan that was aimed at stimulating the local economy.  Throughout this process, a disproportionately large number of major auto dealerships have been added to the area.  They can almost all be found in one of two areas known as the West Covina Auto Plaza and Citrus Auto Row.  Ironically, because all of these dealerships are nearby, you should try to avoid them at all costs.  The best used car deals found West Covina, CA are actually at local auto auctions.

Why Are the Best Used Car Deals Found In California at Auto Auctions?

Most people assume that because there are so many car dealerships around that the increased competition will drive down the cost of a used car.  While this may be slightly true, dealerships still try to make as much money off of their used cars as possible.  For most dealerships, used cars is where a bulk of the profits are found.  New cars bring people in, but the profit margin is extremely slim which is why every new car dealership also has used cars for sale.  On the other hand, there are used car dealerships that don’t have any new cars because they don’t need them.

If you really want the best used car deals found in West Covina then public auto auctions is where you want to be.  There are several different types of public auctions including government fleet auctions, impound auctions, and repossessed vehicle auctions.  There are also a growing number of public auctions that have a combination of different types of used cars.  This is because car dealerships will add in a lot of used cars as well.  This is because they don’t want to pay to have a used car sitting on their lot for more than 30 to 45 days because of upkeep costs.  To solve this problem, they enter the car into the auction so that they know that the car will be sold.

Plus, you get the added benefit of attending an auction based in a location where more people are interested in new cars.  This means that there will be less people bidding against you in West Covina than in the larger surrounding areas like Los Angeles.  Additionally, there will be a much smaller number of bidders who are looking to buy multiple vehicles to re-sell themselves because the used car market is saturated with available cars.  This means that not only will there be less bidders, but also most of them won’t be buying them to turn a profit, instead they will be simply be looking for a great deal on a quality, reliable used car – just like you.

Overall, the best used car deals found in West Covina, CA are at auto auctions for two reasons.  The first is more people in the area want to buy new cars which depresses the used car market.  Secondly, most dealerships need to turn their inventory over quickly, which means adding them to an auction instead of selling the used cars themselves.  This results in a lot larger auctions and a lot fewer bidders competing against you.

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