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It doesn’t have to be hard to buy quality used cars in Buffalo NY.  In fact, many insiders consider Buffalo to be a hidden gem because it receives less attention statewide and nationally than more popular locations like New York City, Syracuse, and how many.  While the listings may not be quite as extensive the competition is significantly lower.

One thing to keep in mind is that auctions are held in Buffalo less often than more populated areas of New York.  While great deals are definitely there to be had, it does take a little more dedication to find out about upcoming auctions.  A simple solution to this problem is using online auto auction websites.

By using online auto auction websites, you will not only find out about upcoming auctions in Buffalo but also the surrounding area.  This will make it even easier to identify the best deals and take advantage of quality used cars when they are up for auction.

An important side note to keep in mind when attending any auction in the state of New York is water damage.  Due to the heavy water and flooding that plagued New York several years ago, a huge number of cars with water and flood damage became the property of insurance companies when they were totaled.  It order to maximize their profits, or at least try to recoup their costs, insurance companies have spread out the sale of these cars over several years.  When looking at the listing of used cars in Buffalo makes sure your target vehicles are not suffering from water damage.  Water damage causes significant mechanical problems which are expensive to fix.  To buy quality used cars, it is essential you avoid any type of damage which leads to long-term mechanical problems.

Examples of Previous Used Car Auction Results in Buffalo NY

2004 Mazda A6

This 2004 Mazda was recently purchased at auction in Buffalo for $2000.  It had an estimated local market value of $7500.  The vehicle was a blue station wagon with 135,000 miles on it.  It featured a 3.0 liter V-6 engine handles front-wheel-drive.

2011 Volvo C30

This 2011 Volvo had only 23,000 miles on it.  The estimated local market value was more than $21,000 although the winning bidder paid only $13,000.  This two-door hatchback was white with a 2.5 liter engine and was front-wheel-drive.

2012 Toyota Prius C

At a recent auction this 2012 Toyota Prius C was sold to the winning bidder for $11,500.  It had only 12,000 miles on it but did have noticeable exterior damage.  The estimated repair cost was $7000; however the local market value was nearly $20,000.  Plus, all of the damage was cosmetic so repairs were unnecessary for it to be roadworthy.  This four-door hatchback was silver with a 1.5 liter in-line four engine.

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