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It takes a little work, but buying a quality used Mercedes Benz car in Anaheim, CA doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal.  The key to finding great deals is all about preparation and knowing where to look.  It is important to understand that buying a used Mercedes Benz from a dealership is never going to get you into a car at a great price.  Instead of going through a dealership, it is better to simply go the source.

Using public auctions to find your next used Mercedes Benz car in Anaheim is going to save you a ton of money.  Most dealerships get their used car inventory from auto auctions, so there is no reason to pay the dealership markup when you can go to the auctions too.  In order to create a successful auctions experience, there is some simple preparation work that needs to be done.

The first thing to do is find an auction.  There are a variety of large auction houses in the Anaheim areas, but not all of them deal in vehicles.  Some of the best auto auctions to attend are government auctions and insurance auctions.  Government auctions can list cars that come from a variety of sources including seizers, impound lots, and fleet cars.  Additionally, insurance companies will also have auctions for cars that have been in accidents.  These Mercedes Benz cars will need some work done after you purchase one, but they are extremely cheap.  Even after paying to have them fixed, you will save a bundle over buying them from a used car dealer.

Now that you know where to look, it is time to decide which auctions are going to be worth your time.  The first thing to do is check the eligibility requirements.  Some auctions are for dealers only, or for “members”.  If a members-only auction looks to have exactly what you want, it may be worth the price to become a member.  In order to buy a quality Mercedes Benz car in Anaheim at an auction, it is important to go into the auction with a game-plan.

The focus of your game plan should revolve around what you are willing to pay for a quality used Mercedes Benz car.  If you find a Mercedes Benz that has been in an accident, you may need to pay for some body restoration.  Before you bid on it, get an idea of what this will cost you and add it to the price you are paying at the auction.  It is important to focus on the total cost, not the auction price.  For example, if you go to an auction and have to choose between two different Mercedes Benz cars, keep the total price in perspective.  If one car doesn’t need any work and costs $4,000 and another needs $2,500 worth of work, but only costs $1,000, then it is not a bad idea to buy the cheaper Mercedes Benz and get the work done that it needs.

Buying a quality used Mercedes Benz car in Anaheim, California doesn’t have to be a difficult task, it just takes a little planning.

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