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Buying Reliable Used Chevrolets in Raleigh

The Chevy Buyer’s Options Are Many. Buying a used car of any make is a gamble.  A buyer is exposed to the possibility of selecting a vehicle that has been abused, spent some time under flood waters (Katrina supplied the market with a few of those) or has been severely damaged in a collision.  One of the best ways to minimize exposure to these possibilities is to purchase a used car from a new car dealership representing the brand you desire.  In Raleigh, NC, there are at least six Chevrolet dealerships in the market area, maybe more if you widen the circle a few more miles.

The advantages of purchasing a used Chevrolet from a Chevy dealer are:

  • Often there are extended warranties available from the manufacturer when trade-ins are put through a multi-point inspection and any deficiencies repaired or corrected.
  • The dealership often has demonstrators, executive cars or “brass-hat” vehicles (used by Chevrolet execs from the regional offices) available.
  • A Chevy dealer will not sully their local reputation, nor damage their relationship with the manufacturer by misrepresenting the used vehicles they sell.
  • The dealership service department is very familiar with Chevrolet cars and trucks and any service bulletins that have been sent out by the manufacturer.
  • The dealership has financing available, either through General Motors or local financial institutions.

Other options on locating and buying a reliable used Chevy in Raleigh, NC are through internet automobile sites.  If you are an experienced car buyer, or have a good knowledge of how to evaluate and purchase a used car, then this may be the least costly way to go.  Searches can be conducted of the Raleigh market area for the specific model wanted, even down to the paint and interior colors. 

Lease companies who are not part of a new car dealership are also good sources of “slightly” used Chevrolets.  Most of the lease-turn-back cars are the premium models loaded with equipment.  Most independent lease companies wholesale the vehicles to used car dealers or take them to the auto auctions.  If a buyer is able to establish a relationship with a lease company, the price for a used Chevy may be very reasonable.

The major car rental companies began to offer the cream of their fleet to individual buyers, rather than dump them on dealers.  There are car rental company used car operations in Raleigh that are sure to have reliable, warranty-covered used Chevrolets.  The rental companies provide a warranty policy on most of the vehicles they sell, much like a new car dealership offers extended warranties, backed by the manufacturer.  The car rental companies select vehicles from their fleets that have had no wrecks or mechanical problems and then they detail them and offer them for sale, often for less-than-full-retail prices.  They maintain complete records on all of their vehicles, so it is easy for them to select only the best for their used car sales programs.  They often have financing available through local financial institutions.

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