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In general, the cost of living in the United States is higher than in Canada. However, it seems like a completely different story when we talk about cars. In fact, none other than the Senate has looked into the significant disparity in terms of prices. It also doesn’t help that come black Friday, when almost everything is sold at a bargain, the borders going to the south are a lot stricter, especially if you are planning to purchase a vehicle.

To put this in a perspective, let’s take 2014 Lexus IS250 as an example. In Canada, a brand-new unit is sold at $37,900. In the United States, meanwhile, it’s $36,550.

When you want to go cheap with your cars, the best option is to go for pre-owned. But what if the used cars are not up to par to your liking? Worse, they are in a terrible condition.

You can join car auctions in Canada instead.

The Benefit of a Car Auction

In an auction, the items that are being sold are almost always pre-owned. Depending on their value, though, they can fetch up to thousands of dollars. But if you’re wise, you can actually save money in the end and the get the item you want.

When it comes to cars, auctions can feature some of the hottest and newest units, some of which may have been bought from the United States. These vehicles may have been used by different government agencies including the police force or have been seized, forfeited, or repossessed. They may also have been surplus or excess, which normally happens when contractors want to go over and beyond what’s in the contract.

Either way, whoever owns these vehicles needs to unload them very quickly. Auctions allow them to do that because there are many participants.

But here’s the thing: considering there are so many used cars available in auctions, the chances of having too many competitors for a particular car are low. This can be a huge advantage for you since the fewer the bidders, the lesser the possible final bid price. In other words, you have more control over how much the final price is, and it can be according to your budget.

Truth to be told, this setup can entitle you to massive savings as much as 85% the book value of the vehicle (this means that the cost of depreciation has already been deducted from its value). It’s even possible that you’ll spend way less money in auctions than when you simply trade in your vehicle.

In auctions, you can take a pick among the variety of cars, including sedans, RVs, trucks, coupes, and vans. Brands and models can also be very eclectic.

Regardless, Canada car auctions guarantee that you always have the option to get these used cars for a very cheap price. Not only that, to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, you can inspect and check the vehicle for any condition.

When you have these auto auctions, you may no longer look across the border for a better car.

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