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Cash for Clunkers – Rebate ends August 24

Car buyers have until Monday August 24 2009 to take advantage of the US Government Cash For Clunkers rebates on offer.  While the rebate offer has only been available for a month, much of the $3 Billion allocated to the program has been used up.  Originally $1 Billion was allocated but consumer demand used this up within a week and so the Government boosted the allocated funds.

The Cash for Clunkers program has been hailed a success for the struggling US auto industry.  It was the shot in the arm it needed to get the demand for new cars heading up. 

Government officials have confirmed that the rebate will not be extended past August 24 and applications for rebates after this date will not be accepted.  So make the most of the weekend and use this one-off benefit to update your car.

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