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The various departments in the government have their own fleet of vehicles. These vehicles are maintained well as their performance has to be dependable and it will not be possible to afford a malfunction. They carry some of the important delegates and officer and these people are on important assignments. Even their safety and security may depend on the good performance of the vehicle. It is for this reason that these fleets, no matter how excellent their condition is, are changed periodically for the latest vehicles. All the old ones are phased out and a whole fleet of brand new vehicles is bought.

Among the departments which have this mandatory change are the police, the FBI, the IRS and several others. These fleets are then handed over to government auctions for sale. The government does not have the necessary infrastructure to handle the sale of so many vehicles and keeping them for a longer period entails their maintenance and cost of storage, much better to save the government this expense and dispose of the vehicles faster. This is one of the reasons why the vehicles are sold cheap.

These used cars are not sold for a profit but only to dispose of them to enable place for a new fleet. Each department has a few hundred vehicles ranging from trucks and vans to various other cruising vehicles. Most of them are fitted with the latest and best safety equipment and many accessories. All this goes with the vehicle when it is sold, so the person who wins the bid will get all this coming along with the car free of cost.

Keep a budget for bidding and do not in your excitement go overboard and hike the bid amounts. Once you have decided on a used car from one of the government auctions do an onsite inspection of the vehicle and find out what this type of model and brand would cost in the open market. Remember that the prices at auctions are much less and your bid should be for less than fifty percent of the market value. Many people in their enthusiasm to own a particular vehicle forget the prime reason for buying form a used car auction and end up bidding high. It is for this that you should keep in mind an upper limit and not exceed this amount no matter what.

The vehicles which have more competition will go for a higher price than those which do not have much demand. However, if you do not get the car of your choice during this auction you can always try for a similar one or a better one during the nest one which will not be too far down the line.

Most auctioneers permit buyers to inspect the vehicles before bidding for them and this opportunity is something which every buyer should make use of. Take someone who is competent at checking vehicles and knows about the technicalities of the various cars to inspect the vehicle for you in case you are not sure of how to go about this.

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