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Cheap Used Ford Cars Available In Lubbock, Texas

Everyone in Texas can see Ford trucks dotting the landscape, but many don’t realize that there are a lot of cheap used Ford Cars available in Lubbock, TX as well.  While Ford is definitely one of the sweethearts of the truck industry, they have made a lot of improvements to their cars over the last decade as well.  What once was little more than an afterthought has become a very competitive product.  If you haven’t taken a look at the used Ford cars that have hit the market, then now is the time.

Why Are There Cheap Used For Cars Available in Lubbock, Texas?

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Along with being a good sized destination on its own, Lubbock also hold the county seat for Lubbock County.  This provides a much larger selection of cheap used Ford cars at auto auctions in the area simply because more are available.  There are several different types of auto auctions in the Lubbock area including the well-known repossession auctions, which are great places to find cheap Ford cars.  While repossession auctions shouldn’t be ignored, the government auto auctions are where you can find very cheap used Ford cars for sale.

Government sponsored auctions tend to have a much larger selection of domestic brands because they try to buy domestically whenever possible.  Lubbock county and the city of Lubbock both maintain a large fleet of cars which are primarily composed of Ford, Chevy, and Dodge vehicles.  This means that at government auctions, most of the fleet vehicles entered into the auction will be one of these brands.  Because of this, you will have more Ford cars to choose from.  Additionally, since so many are available, it will be easier for you to find cheap used Ford cars in Lubbock auctions that have very few, if any, competing bidders.  Anytime you find an auction with a large amount of used cars from one brand and a lower level of potential competition, you will have an excellent recipe for getting the car you want at a steep discount.

What Types of Cheap Used Ford Cars Are Available In Lubbock Auto Auctions?

If you look at Lubbock auto auctions as a whole, it is impossible to predict what types of Ford cars will be in the auction, however with the government auctions it is a little more predictable.  There are two specific types of Ford cars that the local government tends to purchase.  They are the Fusion and the Focus.  In most cases, the Fusion will be a sedan and the Focus will be a coupe, although there will definitely be some Focus sedans as well.

The Ford Fusion was a breakthrough for the company because it was the first time in over a decade that they had a strong product in the mid-size sedan class.  It is a very reliable used car and has proven to have a very long lifespan with little more than a standard maintenance schedule.  This makes it very appealing to the governments purchasing department.  Another benefit is that the interior can handle the wear and tear of heavy daily use with little effort.

The Ford Focus will likely be what you find most often at government auctions because it is an economy car, rather than a mid-sized sedan.  Ford hasn’t made a lot of changes to this car for the last decade, which makes it easy for you to find one with a few extra years on it and get it at a very steep discount.  Plus, the Focus tends to carry a fairly low resale value compared to other economy cars, which makes it easy for you to save money on the secondary market.  As an added bonus, since the resale value is comparatively low, you won’t have professional bidders against you.  Professional bidders are people who buy multiple cars at these auctions in order to resell them later.  While they don’t have deep pockets like a car dealership, they do have enough to get what they want.  By targeting the Ford Focus, you can make sure that you aren’t competing against them.

When looking for cheap used Ford cars available in Lubbock, TX all auto auctions are a potential goldmine, but targeting the Focus and the Fusion at government auctions is likely your best bet.

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