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Chevrolet Used Car Review – Chevy Aveo

When it comes to finding a quality, reliable used Chevy car many people automatically overlook the Chevy Aveo.  While it was never the top of its class, there is definitely value to be had by giving it another look.  The Chevy was manufactured from 2004 through 2011.  The model most well recognized is the subcompact sedan or four-door hatchback.  Currently, the secondary market retail value ranges from just over $9000 to as low as $3000.

Used Chevy Aveo


Similar to most other subcompact cars, the Chevy Aveo is not known for its performance.  Overall, the ride is smooth and comfortable however the handling isn’t ideal, especially on roads with a large number of narrow twists and turns.  It does accelerate a little faster than most people expect, however it is still subcompact car.  It was designed to be easy to drive with a simplified approach to the dashboard instrument panel.

Most used Chevy Aveo will come with a 1.6 liter, four-cylinder engine with approximately 110 horsepower.  While the manual transmission is slightly faster than automatics, the shifter is often described as rubbery and imprecise making any benefit negligible.  The overall handling is not sporty; however for subcompact car is fairly nimble.  This is primarily due to the soft suspension settings designed to create a smooth, comfortable ride rather than a sporty ride.


The Chevy Aveo is considered to have a solid interior; however it is definitely not one of the most luxurious subcompact cars on the secondary market.  The overall available space is comparable to most other competitors within its class.

For such an inexpensive subcompact car, the seating reviews for the Chevy Aveo are consistently high.  Drivers have a solid view of the road and more than enough headroom.  As with all subcompact cars, taller passengers may want more legroom, however the seats are fairly comfortable.  The primary drawback to seating and this vehicle is the legroom for anyone in the rear passenger seats.  Overall, there is 37.2 cubic feet of cargo room.

Chevy Aveo was designed to compete primarily on price, so it isn’t surprising that much of the interior utilizes plastic.  While it doesn’t look expensive, it does not have the tacky feeling many other plastic heavy interiors are known for.  One thing to keep in mind is the interior is not well-equipped if you choose a base model.  Some models do not include air conditioning, power windows, power locks, or cruise control.  To gain these items, you will need to purchase the 1LT trim level.


A common concern amongst subcompact cars is safety.  The safety scores for this car is more than adequate, however is nowhere near larger sedans.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Chevy Aveo rank either acceptable or marginal in all tasks.  Built-in safety features include a driver-side airbag, side airbag, front disc/rear drum brakes, child safety locks, passenger airbag, daytime running lights, and an emergency trunk release.

Overall Reliability

A key concern for anyone purchasing a used vehicle is the overall reliability.  The Chevy Aveo did not score incredibly high on reliability ratings; however it does not lag behind the pack either.  It should be considered just as reliable as any other subcompact car, although no more reliable than any of you other options either.  This holds true for a majority of subcompact cars.

Overall Review

The Chevy Aveo may not have garnered a lot of fans is a new car; however it is a used car it is an extremely affordable and reliable vehicle.  Its primary strengths include a low entry price, large amount of headroom for a subcompact car, and easy-to-use control layout.  As with many subcompact cars, the potential drawbacks include average acceleration, unrefined driving experience, and average interior quality.  When considering a used Chevy Aveo most people look for one produced in 2006 or later because they include additional features such as alloy wheels and cruise control.

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