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My favourite Simpsons character is Snake, you know, that guy who’s the villain with the pack of cigarettes tucked up his arm? Yes, that guy.

You know the reason I like him so much? It’s not all the felons that he’s committed. No, that would be wrong to idolise a villain such as him, or Glen Beck.

It’s his car. And my favourite episode is when his car is seized in a government auction and the great hero Homer buys it at a snip at a price. What a full spec vehicle. And this is what you can get if you look round some government auctions. Especially here in Detroit. Auctions of such things as impounded cars offers value to you that you can only dream of.

What would you like? Want a cheap pre-owned car (without the felon connotations and being beaten up in it whilst driving, like Homer) you’ve got it.

So what sort of cars can you expect when you get to the auction?

Well, basically anything. You could get yourself a Dodge Viper or a Mustang or a Mini. It all depends what’s going on and what’s been seized that day.

The recession has really created some fine looking automobiles for you to drool over in these auctions, and the Detroit ones, home of the car, are even better.

But don’t get overexcited. Stick to your guys, partner. You need to make sure that you can understand what you’re doing when it comes to auctions. There are fixed rules on what you should do. Remember, you’re not Bruce Wayne buying the new batmobile, you’re a auction.

1)      Stick to your budget. Seems stupid really, but you need to know how much you want to spend and NEVER go over it. Not for a gold-plated Hummer that’s a quarter over your budget. Stick to it man!

2)      Don’t bid on the first thing that you see, and get carried away by the whole thing. Relax, be cool and check out how the pros do it.

3)      Don’t get into a bidding war. See point 1 my friend, stick to your budget.

4)      Don’t buy cars from Government auctions with fresh blood still on the seat. That’s obvious.

So, good luck! Take advantage of all those cars seized through heightened crime and a huge recession. You’ll be driving about in a new set of wheels in no time.

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