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If you are on the hunt for ex-police used cars for sale in Santa Ana CA then surplus auctions will likely be your best choice.  While there may be several other options available, they will definitely not offer the same savings or variety.  To give you a better picture of the landscape for used police cars for sale in Santa Ana, here’s a quick look at how they are sold, how you can purchase them, and what to expect throughout the process.

CA police car auctions

The next few years will be the ideal time to grab ex-police use cars for sale and Santa Ana CA.  In 2011, Santa Ana started to enact a green fleet management plan which is designed to reduce emissions and cut costs.  The goal of this is for them to establish a fleet of vehicles that will be powered by 75% to 80% renewable and sustainable energy over the next five years.  Simultaneously they also want to reduce their fleet size by 10% to 15% in the first several years.  As a result, you will see an influx of ex-police vehicles being sold.  This will not only give you more options, but will also reduce the average price because the market will have more units available, but the same amount of buyers.

Aside from surplus auctions, the only other way to purchase and ex-police used car is from auto brokers to deal exclusively with ex-police cars.  There are a handful of these in the Santa Ana area, however they will never offer the lowest prices.  In fact, most of the time they purchase these vehicles from the same auto auctions that you could attend.  This means that if you buy through them, you will end up paying the auction price plus a profit margin.  In the end, your final payment will likely be near the average market value for the vehicle, rather than the low prices that surplus auctions offer.

The local fleet of Santa Ana CA police cars are sold through surplus auctions.  These auctions will not only include police cars, but other fleet vehicles used by the local government.  In some cases, these auctions will be combined with GSA auctions as well, which means that you may also find fleet vehicles used by the federal government.  While these fleet vehicles will not be ex-police cars, they will be very similar in every other aspect.  They will be well maintained, have similar mileage, and begin a similar overall condition.  This means that if you are targeting and ex-police car because of its overall characteristics, then these other fleet vehicles may be able to meet your needs just as well.

And Santa Ana CA there are a handful of auction houses which will auction off ex-police cars from time to time.  This means that in order to always know when former police cars are up for auction, you will have to monitor the listings of all of these auction houses.  These auction houses include Norwalk Auto Auctions, ABS Auto Auctions, Prime Auto Auctions, and Auto Auction Group.  Keep in mind that this is not a complete list, so there will be several additional auction houses to monitor as well.

Trying to monitor so many auction houses at the same time can be problematic for several reasons.  One of the biggest problems is that it simply takes way too much time.  You not only need to stay updated about all of the upcoming auctions, but also identify the auctions which will likely have ex-police cars for sale.  The second problem is that many of these auction houses do not have printed listings available.  If they do, they tend to be inaccurate because auction houses add new vehicles to the listing on a daily basis.  Finally, many of these auction houses partner up with other websites so that they don’t have to deal with the promotion or advertising.

As a result, the most effective way to monitor all of these auction houses the same time is by using a reputable online auto auction website.  These websites team up with local auction houses to provide a centralized location for up to date listings.  Additionally, these websites have powerful search tools that you can use to instantly limit the listings to your specific preferences.  Not only does this save a lot of time, but also makes organizing all of the information much easier.

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