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Many people have heard about or read about Ex Texas government police & repo cars under $1000.  However, many people are still skeptical because they don’t understand why these types of deals are available  To give you a better idea of why you can find these types of cars for under $1000, it is important to look at the situation through the eyes of state and local governments.  By doing this, you will be able to have a better understanding of why they would want to sell these vehicles so inexpensively.

The first thing that you need to understand is that it costs money for governments to keep repo cars on their lot.  You may be wondering why it would cost them money to have a car just there.  There are actually several factors that tie into this.  The first is that if they never got rid of any repo cars or retired police cars, then they would need acres upon acres of area to house them all.  Instead of continually buying more land, they simply sell off the vehicles that have been there the longest.  Another factor is that they also have costs associated with maintaining and securing the area around the repossessed cars.  The more cars and more land that they have, the higher these costs rise.  So the first reason that they sell these cars so cheap is simply to avoid the costs associated with keeping them.

Another thing to consider is that Ex Texas government police & repo cars do not carry any inherent value.  That means that since these vehicles provide zero value just sitting there, any money that they make off of selling them is pure profit.  So if you buy Ex Texas government or repo cars for under $1,000, the government counts the entire price as profit.  If you spend $100 then they make $100 in profit.  If you spend $999 then they make $999 in profit.  This is very unlike a used car dealership who has already invested time and money into a vehicle.  In order to profit, they must recoup all of the money they spent on vehicle before they even sniff a profit.  If they bought a car for $1000 spent $500 into cleaning it up, and paying the salesman their commission on the sale, then you will have to pay a minimum of $1500, not including whatever profit the dealership needs to make in order to stay in business.

The stories that you read about Ex Texas government police & repo cars under $1000 are definitely true.  The reason for this is two-fold.  First, the government doesn’t want to have to spend the money to house and protect all of these vehicles, especially because they will never be used.  Second, because these cars will never be used, they carry no value to the government.  That means that whatever they make when the sell the vehicle is 100% pure profit.  That means that they care much less about the price that these cars sell for than a used car dealership.

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