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Export Used Cars: Things You Should Know

When it comes exporting used cars, there are a lot of things you should know.  The overall process is fairly straightforward because everything that needs be done is clearly laid out by the federal government.  At the same time, there is a lot that can be overlooked and end up causing a lot of problems.  There are a number of reasons that you may need to export used cars, which means that what you need to do may be different than someone else.  Here is a quick look at few things that you should know about exporting used cars.

Used car export from US

Exporting and Importing Are Completely Different (And Not How You Might Think)

The most important thing that you need to know is that exporting and importing are two completely different processes from a legal standpoint.  This may seem obvious in a sense because exporting is sending something away and importing is bringing something in, but it goes farther than that.  If you are exporting used cars, the first step is complying with all of the exportation regulations set up by your government.  Once those regulations have been met, you must then meet all of the importation regulations set up by whatever other country the vehicle is being imported to.  This means that in order for you to export used cars quickly and effectively, you need to be well versed in the laws of both countries.

In General, Exporting Is Easier Than Importing

All things considered, it is always easier to get things out of the country rather than bringing them in.  This is true for nearly every country in the world.  In most cases, export-related regulations are primarily set up to help crack down on crime.  In this case, if you are exporting used cars, then the regulations are likely designed to primarily try and eliminate stolen used cars from leaving the country.  Additionally depending upon how you plan on transporting the vehicle can affect the steps you need to take before your used car can be cleared to legally leave the country.  While there are a variety of things you need to do to export a used car, it is nothing compared to the regulations that you must meet in order to import one.  This is because a number of other agencies are involved for tax, regulatory, safety, and environmental reasons.

A Quick Overview of the Paperwork You Need to Know About

All of the paperwork that you need to submit must be provided a minimum of 72 hours before your used car reaches the border.  The first thing you need to have is a copy of the original title, both front and back.  You also need to provide a copy of the title certified by the state DMV.  It is important to note that the certification must be done by the DMV and not public notaries, insurance agents, private organizations, or lending institutions.  If your title shows ownership by any party other than yourself, without a release of interest, you must also provide an original letter from that owner granting permission to export the vehicle.  This letter must fully identify the vehicle with as many details as possible such as the Vin number and mileage as well as include contact information from the other owner or any lien holders.

Two Tips That Can Save You Money

If you plan on exporting multiple vehicles from the United States then it could be beneficial to get your own wholesale dealers license.  While there is a substantial amount of additional paperwork involved in order to get this license, once you have it you will no longer need to register the vehicle with the state before exporting it.  If you are only exporting one car then this may not be much of a benefit.  On the other hand if you plan on exporting multiple used cars from the United States, not having to register all of them with the state prior to exporting them could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  The reason that a wholesale dealer’s license allows you to export a vehicle without first registering it is because the used car will be listed as a vehicle being exported solely for the purpose of sale.

If you are looking for a quick short-term solution because you will only be exporting one car, then using the services of an export company could end up saving you money.  The reason for this is that they can provide every service that you need.  Additionally they can ensure that you do not become the subject of any additional fines that could arise if you overlook something.  They will also have an in-depth knowledge about the importation policies of the country that you are sending your used car to.  Along with this valuable insight into other countries importation procedures, they will also be able to tell you if any modifications need to be made to your used car in order to allow it to be imported.  While they are slightly more expensive than doing everything yourself, the knowledge that they can provide could end up saving you a lot of hassle, time, and headaches down the road.

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