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It used to be easy to decide what online tools to use when finding a used car because so few were available.  Today it seems like there are more options then there are cars, but don’t let that overwhelm you.  It really is easy to find the best used cars online in Illinois.  In fact, one you have a decent idea about what you are looking for it will only take a matter of moments.  In general you have three different resources to utilize online: classified ad sites, used car dealership sites, and online auction sites.  While all three of these options could provide you with listings, only one will give you consistent results that you are happy with.  Here is a quick look at some common factors that people consider and how each of these options stack up.

The most important thing that people look for when they are trying to find the best used cars online in Illinois is efficiency.  If you wanted to spend all of your free time searching for a used car then you could walk around town with your newspaper in hand, but that obviously isn’t a very good use of your time.  Online classified ad sites are more efficient than newspapers, but have become saturated with ads that have been placed by used car dealerships and offer much less value than they used to.  Used car dealership sites won’t give you much more than the most basic information because they want you to come in and talk to their sales people which is a whole different adventure.  In terms of efficiency, online auction websites are definitely your best option.  They will instantly give you a listing of quality used cars in Illinois that are up for auction or will be up for auction soon.  To make things even more efficient, you can filter the results however you want.  If you only want cars that are in your city, then that’s what you will get.  If you only want cars that are blue then those are the listings that you will get.

The next most important thing that people consider when hunting online is the pre-purchase process.  This is what happens after you find the car but before you buy it.  With online classified ad sites, this process normally involved playing phone tag for a few days, setting up a time to see the car and test drive it, and negotiating a deal that is mutually advantageous.  If you utilize a used car dealership website, then this process is no different than if you walked onto their lot.  You will call them for information about the car, they will ask you to come in, and you will spend a few days talking to their sales people.  Even if you don’t make a purchase, they will have your information, which means that they will keep calling you for the next few months. 

In this area, online auction websites seem to have the advantage once again.  Once you find a car that you like, all you have to do is sign up and place your bid.  In total, it will only take a few minutes.

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