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Finding cheap used cars in High Point is not a problem, if you go about it the right way and do an online search, as well as go through other sources which will give you a lead to the used cars in this city. High Point which is located in North Carolina is known for its bus manufacturing, furniture and textiles. Most families own more than one car and prefer buying used cars which are much cheaper than new ones but give the same comfort as a new one. A larger vehicle can be bought for the same price as a small new one and a lot of money can be saved by investing in a used car. Finding out the many ways of locating used cars will help you in locating a good bargain.

Sources to find used cars

The classified ads in the daily newsletters and newspapers are a good source to find information about cars which are being put up for sale by the owners. Most owners prefer to handle the sales of their own used cars instead of handing it over to used car dealers. This is because they will loose out on some of the money which will have to be paid to the agent as a commission. The classified ads will do the job and find buyers for them so that they can save on the car dealer’s commission. Used car prices are always discounted ones, as the price of a car drops as soon as it is driven out of the showroom. So when you go through the classified ads and find a car which is suitable, find out the market value before you approach the car owner. This way you can decide on the price and not get cheated or end up paying too much for it.

Used car auctions in High Point are another source to find good used cars. You can find cars sourced from various places like repo cars which have been confiscated from their owners for non repayment of loans, police cars, government used cars and those which have been in accidents and not been claimed. The repo cars are easily the best used cars as the loans are not cleared and this means that they are still very new.

Inspect vehicles before buying

Once you have selected a vehicle and found out its price the next step would be to inspect it to see its condition. Remember that there could be hidden damage and you should look into every aspect like the interiors, exteriors and the engine too see what repairs might be required. Get the history of the vehicle by giving the VIN number to Carfax. This will give you details of all the repair s which have been done on the car, tell you whether it has been in a major mishap and also the number of previous owners it has had. Once you have all this information you can go ahead and put your price for the vehicle.

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