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You can find a variety of Indiana government used car bargains as long as you know where to look.  Indiana has followed the same trend as many other states, which means that they are posting the listings of their government auctions online.  Some of the auctions are even being held entirely through online auction websites.  While there are a variety of potential bargains at every auction, it is important to know what should be expected from every auction.

How to Find Indiana Government Used Car Bargains?

In order to find the bargains that are at Indiana government auto auctions, it is important that you know what you are looking for.  A majority of the government auctions will include fleet vehicles and additional vehicles that recently came into government ownership.  While this is great news if you are trying to find a bargain, it also means that government vehicles can be in a variety of different types of auctions. 

government used car

In general, you want to focus on government fleet auctions and local police auctions because they tend to provide the most consistent results.  The government can sometimes enter cars into standard public auto auctions, however if they do this, you won’t know which cars are government used cars and which ones aren’t.  The reason this is important is because government cars always come with a clean title, whereas others will have the condition of the title listed with the car and will come “as-is”.

What Should You Expect to Find at Indiana Government Used Car Auctions?

What you will find is reliant on what type of auction it is.  The first type of auction is known as a police auction.  These auctions feature all of the cars that have been confiscated or impounded and the owner never reclaimed possession of them.  After a certain period of time, the government will take ownership of these vehicles and then send them to the auction.  With this type of auction, it is impossible to predict what type of used cars you will find.  While there are definitely bargains to be found, it will take a little more preparation and research beforehand.  If your only goal is to get a great bargain with the least amount of work possible, then looking into government fleet auctions is probably your ideal solution.

At every Indiana government used car auction, there will be one or two styles of cars that tend to dominate the listings.  This is because the government buys fleet cars in bulk, which means they will also sell them in bulk.  At the latest government auctions in Indiana, the two cars that were most common is the Chevy Impala and the Pontiac G6.

The reason that the Chevy Impala has been a popular choice of the government is because it offers the space of a full-sized sedan, but also has a smaller, more fuel efficient engine.  This combination of space and fuel efficiency also makes a great buy on the used car market.  In most cases, the Impala’s that are listed will be 4-5 years old and have 40,000 -55,000 miles on them.

If you are really looking for Indiana government used car bargains, then taking a look at the Pontiac G6 is a great idea.  It is a great purchase on the secondary car market because most people don’t know that General Motors is still supporting Pontiac products, even though they are no longer producing new models. 

You can always find Indiana government used car bargains at government auctions.  The big decision is whether you want to do the additional research and preparation necessary to spot the best deals at a police auction or whether you want to research only one or two makes that will be in high supply at a fleet auction.  Either option will allow you to be equally successful.

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