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Find Out Why the 2007 Honda Civic Has Become a Popular Auto Auction Item

2007 was a big year for the Honda Civic and many people have come realize that even as a used vehicle, it offers tremendous value.  In 2006, Honda completely redesigned the civic and took home Best-in-Class honors.  Much of the Civic remained unchanged in 2007, however there was one notable improvement that made the Civic even more popular – the introduction of the 4 door sedan line.  Additionally, Honda continued to improve on the 2006 natural gas powered sedan as well.  If you are interested in getting a used 2007 Civic, then there are a number of options available.  Here is a quick overview of the most popular choices from the 2007 Honda Civic lineup.

Honda Civic DX

The Honda Civic DX coupe and sedan are both the base models that were released in 2007, however because Honda is synonymous with value, it is no surprise that they were so popular.  There are very few standard features in the base model.  The features that were included were: power windows, fold down rear seatback, tilt/telescope steering wheel, and a height adjustable driver’s seat.  While a radio was not originally included, most people added one right at the dealership, which means that if you buy a used Civic DX, a radio and CD player are likely to be included.

Honda Civic LX

The Honda Civic LX coupe and sedan were the next step up from the DX, however it was a huge step.  There are a much larger number of features that were included standard.  Some of the additional features include: sliding armrest, overhead map lights, AM/FM/CD stereo with MP3 and WMA playback.  The coupe includes a rear seat walk in feature as well, which is great because it can actually remember the front passengers setting.

The Si Coupe

If there was a single standout addition to the Civic lineup in 2007, it was the Si coupe and sedan.  They all included the gear that was featured in the LX as well as a leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter.  It also include electronic vehicle stability assist with traction control.  It also included in dash navigation system complete with XM Satellite Radio.

The Hybrid

The Civic also include a Hybrid sedan that contained all of the LX features, as well as a few more.  Some of the additional features included automatic climate control, roof mounted radio antenna, and rear spoiler. 

In 2007, as well as many other years, the Honda Civic is considered to be the benchmark for compact vehicles.  With a complete and diverse lineup to choose from, the Civic continued to define a unique combination of being a practical compact as well as a smooth and comfortable ride.  As always, the Civic was ideal as a commuter car and boasts the durability and reliability that everyone has come to expect from all Honda vehicles.

There were several other Civic released in 2007 including: the EX coupe and sedan, and the GX.  The EX was considered to be the most luxurious of the Civic lineup and the GX is similar to the LX only it has an alternatively fueled engine.

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