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How the Public Can Attend Dealer Car Auctions

In order for car dealers to be able to sell their autos at a profitable price they need to be able to buy their cars cheap.  Generally car dealers go to used car auctions to find their stock of cars but these are generally restricted to dealers only.

However, if you do not have a dealer’s license, there are ways of attending and buying at dealer-only auctions:

  1. Some dealer-only auctions do not require a dealer’s license but only a regular business license.  Since many businesses require a vehicle to conduct business and will be using it for business purposes, many auctions that the general public cannot attend can be attended by those with certain business licenses.  If you have a particular business license or operate a business that requires vehicles for business-only used the check with the auction facility prior to auction to find out what their requirements are.
  2. Be-friend a dealer.  This is not that hard.  Car dealers are generally friendly and sociable people so striking up a friendly relationship with one is pretty easy.  Then when the next dealer only auctions comes up in your area you can either tag along with them or get them to bid and buy on your behalf.
  3. Be-friend a mechanic by offering them $100 to tag along with them next time they attend a car auction.  Many people buying at auction take along a qualified mechanic to check out the car they are intending to buy so that they know the condition of the car inside and out before bidding.  Mechanics generally have lots of contacts in the auto trade and therefore tagging along with them can often easily be arranged.
  4. Ask your mechanic, friends, work colleagues and neighbors if they know of anyone who can get you into a dealer-only auction.  You might be surprised at how many people you know have contacts with people in the auto trade.  Sometimes those who regularly attend dealer only auctions go on their own and would prefer to have some company.  Either way it is an opportunity for you to attend a dealer only auction and perhaps find the motor vehicle you have been searching for.

So as you can see there are ways and means of the general public getting into a dealer-only auto auction.  So why not give it a try – you never know you may end up with a good friend as well as the cheap cars you have been looking for.

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