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How to Find Quality Cheap Used Cars in Current US Auto Market

It is not difficult to find cheap used cars in the current U.S. auto market. The first thing to look for is auto auctions that are put on by the government.

You can also look for discounted sales from auto dealers. In this economy, many auto dealers are lowering their prices to get more consumer sales. Thirdly, the Internet is a source of information to finding low prices on specific car models.

You can also check the local newspaper for low priced cars being sold by other vehicle owners. Couples who own two cars are now trying to get rid of one of them to save on gas and to omit any unnecessary expenses that would put them in a bind. You will find most of these people are willing to negotiate their prices and agree to your best offer.

However, the government auctions are primarily the main source of cheap cars. The government agencies put on car auctions at various times of the year so that they can lighten their inventory. These vehicles may have been seized by the police from criminals and are usually luxury vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. They are usually in good condition and being sold for a lower price than the retail price.

In their inventory, the government also includes vehicles that have been left stranded on the highway. In most cases, these vehicles may have slight mechanical problems, but there are some that are in good running condition.

Banking institutions also hold their own auctions after repossessing vehicles that their customers may have stopped paying on. These vehicles, like real estate property, are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The bank does not want to hold these vehicles in their inventory and so it is in their best interest to sell it to the general public.

There are websites online such as ebay that allow car owners to sell their cars on their website. The prices are usually fixed and in some cases, you are able to bid. The only disadvantage associated with this method of buying a used car is the fact that you won’t be able to visibly see the car and inspect it. If you purchase the car out of the state in which you live, you will have to pay shipping cost to get the car to you.

Even though a government auction does not come with any guarantees, you are able to inspect the car before buying it. Bidding usually starts at a low price of about $100 so it gives you an opportunity to get involved in the bidding process and be able to pull out if the price goes up too much. Government auctions are well worth a look.

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