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Some people have started to turn to impound autos in Tennessee for cheap used cars.  The used cars found that impound auctions offer a variety of potential benefits and drawbacks.  Fortunately, the more you understand about impound autos, how to purchase them, and in what situations they are the best solution, you can minimize the risks involved.  Here is a quick look at why these cars were likely impounded, the best way to purchase them, and some of the benefits that you can gain by searching for impound autos in TN for cheap used cars.

Used cars can be impounded for a variety of different reasons.  The most common reason that a car is placed in impound is because the driver failed to meet a legal requirement during a live stop.  A live stop is any time that you are driving and are pulled over by the police.  There are several different reasons that your car may be impounded in this situation.  In many states, including Tennessee, if you do not have your driver’s license with you, if it is not valid, if the car is not registered, or if you do not have proof of insurance can all be reasons that your car will be towed to an impound lot.  Fortunately, most people can quickly get their vehicle back by simply paying a fine and producing paperwork stating that they have resolved whatever problem they had.

It is also possible that cars can be impounded for more serious offenses.  For example, if you have been drinking and get a DUI then your car will likely be impounded, although sometimes you will be allowed to simply leave the car where it is.  Essentially any time that a person is pulled over and gets charged with a crime in which they are immediately arrested, their car will likely be impounded.  Again, the owners do have the option of getting their car out of impound, although if it is there long enough it likely becomes too expensive.

Now that you understand how and why cars get impounded, it is time to look at how you can actually purchase impound autos in Tennessee.  In general, the only way to purchase impound vehicles is to attend a police auction.  In larger areas these auctions will be devoted solely to used cars which have been impounded, however in smaller and more rural areas impounded cars can be placed in larger government auctions.  Regardless of where you are, auctions in some form will likely be your only solution.  Fortunately, these auctions are becoming easier to find him participate in because local governments are starting to utilize online auto auction websites.  This not only allows you to find out when the next auction will be held, but will also give you access to a complete listing so that you know exactly what types of vehicles will be available.

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The biggest benefit of targeting impound autos in Tennessee for cheap used cars is that you will likely face less competition than at other types of auctions.  The reason for this is that there is inherently more risk involved with these auctions than others.  With impound auctions, it is much more difficult to get an accurate maintenance history because there is no way to find this information, outside of getting a vehicle history report which only gives you information related to any major accidents or major repairs that the car has undergone.  Additionally, since these cars are towed to the police impound lot there is little chance that you will receive a set of keys.  With these two potential risks combined, many people disregard impound auctions as a possible way to purchase a reliable, quality used car.

By doing your research ahead of time, you can take advantage of the lower number of competing bidders in order to get the best possible results purchasing impound autos in TN for used cars.

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