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In Jackson, Michigan there are a lot of options available in regards to finding a quality used car.  The real question is what sources give you the highest chances to locate the best used car deals in Jackson, MI.  There are two standard options in most areas and Jackson is no different.  They are the classifieds and auto auctions. 

When it comes to using the classifieds to locate the best used car deals in Jackson, MI there are three places that you count on finding results.  The first is the local newspaper which can be found in print or online.  The key thing to keep in mind is that you will likely have to weed through a bunch of ads from car dealerships in order to find more legitimate “for sale by owner” type deals.  However, if you dig through the newspaper classifieds, there are some great deals to be found.  This is primarily because many private sellers no longer consider newspaper advertising to be a valid option, because their ads will be competing with more professional looking ads for the readers attention.

There are also two online sources that tend to have a large number of results for the Jackson, MI area.  The first is Autotrader, which is also released in print.  Autotrader is known for having excellent local listings all around the country and often have a higher than average number of ads that are placed by private sellers.  This gives deal hunters not only a higher chance of seeing the exact car they want, but also of being able to make a deal with a private seller.

Another common auto classifieds tool is has been around for a long time, however it now has more featured listings by dealerships than ever before.  While there are still a large number of private sellers, it is a harder to find them.

Auto auctions are another great way to locate the best used car deals in Jackson, MI.  There are minimal public auto auction houses devoted exclusive to cars, so one option is to simply keep an eye on all of the estate auctions and general auctions to see what they have to offer.  The big advantage to this is that while you may not see a car that interests you every week, there is often less competition at the auctions that do have quality used cars. 

An excellent online resource is  Auction Zip will both allow you to bid on items up for auction, but also provides detailed listings about local auctions as well.  This tool gives you a variety of different ways to find the best deals on used cars.  The best way to use it is really more a personal preference, both online bidding and using it to track local auctions has proven effective.

There are a variety of different resources and techniques that can be used to locate the best used car deals in Jackson, MI.  The key is choosing the resources that you are most comfortable with and utilizing them to the best of your ability.

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