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If you are looking for Modesto, CA used government cars sold cheap, then you have several options available to you.  It is located near both Sacramento and Oakland, but at the same time, it is surrounded by a very strong farming community.  Instead of being on the I-5 strip, it is off to the east near highway 99.  For the surrounding area, it acts as central hub for smaller communities like Ceres, Oakdale, and Riverbank.  For government auctions in the nearby area, Modesto is the place to be.

 Government used cars

If you are looking at Modest, CA for used government cars sold cheap, then you will likely benefit the most from local and county auctions.  There are also a number of nearby federal government auctions as well, normally held in Sacramento.  Here is a quick look at what to expect from all of these different auctions to help you decide which ones will most likely have what you are looking for.

The county and local auto auctions are both relatively similar because Modesto is considered to mirror much of the surrounding county.  This means that you will not only find Modesto, CA used government cars sold cheap, but also SUVs and trucks as well.  At these auctions, you will find vehicles from two primary sources.  The first is from the government fleet.  This would include things like police cars and maintenance trucks.  The second is from seizures and abandoned vehicles  A majority of them will have been abandoned at an impound lot because the owner couldn’t afford to get it out.  After a certain period of time, the government will auction of those vehicles in order to recoup storage costs and cover related fines.

If you are looking for federal auto auctions, then nearby Sacramento is where you want to look.  Fortunately for Modesto residents, Sacramento holds a number of government auctions online.  This means that you can place your bids without actually have to drive to Sacramento and bid at a live auction.  Once you are named the winning bidder, you can either pick it up in person or have it shipped to you.  Since Modesto is located so near to Sacramento, it is often just as cost efficient to have it shipped rather than driving to pick it up and drive it back.

Just like any other government auction, it is important that you plan ahead in order to get the best deal possible.  While Modesto, CA used government cars are sold cheap, that doesn’t mean that you want every vehicle available.  Everyone has their own personal preferences, so it is important to decide what makes and models you want to target before the auction begins. 

When you look for Modesto, CA used government cars sold cheap, make sure that you target the right auctions.  Local and county auctions will normally offer a much wider variety of cars to choose from because they include both government fleet vehicles as well as abandoned vehicles.  At the same time, because most federal auctions in Sacramento online, it takes very little effort to keep an eye on what is available there as well.

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