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New Car Purchase: Four Considerations For Buyers

Getting a new car can be both exciting, and scary. There’s the excitement of getting something new. Combined with the fear of paying too much. For most people, a vehicle is their second largest investment. So, it’s important that you make a wise decision.

1. Practicality

First of all, make a list of everything that you use your current vehicle to do. Then, make a list of everything that you wish was different about your current car. This will help you to figure out which features are most important.

Now, decide which of these features you actually need. For instance, if you need the passenger room, and cargo capacity of an SUV. But, you never go off road, and it doesn’t snow where you live, why not consider a sport wagon? Cars like the Subaru Outback, and Mazda5 can handle as many people, and suitcases as most mid-sized SUVs. Plus, they get better gas mileage, and they’re cheaper to insure.

2. Fuel efficiency

If fuel efficiency is an important feature to you, then you’ve probably already thought about a Hybrid. Cars like the Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion Hybrid get great gas mileage, and they’re environmentally friendly too.

They work by utilizing an electric motor to power the car at low speeds, which allows the gasoline motor to shut down when it’s not needed. This saves fuel, and reduces the car’s emissions.

However, Hybrid technology is relatively new, and it requires a series of complex computer systems to operate. Not only are these systems expensive to repair. But they can be unreliable too. Some Hybrid owners are already reporting major problems with their cars.

A Diesel powered car can offer a more reliable alternative to a Hybrid. Diesel engines power everything from cruise ships to electric generators. And, they’ve been making them since the 1930’s. So it’s safe to say that most of the bugs have been worked out.

Thanks to modern technology, today’s Diesel cars produce less emissions than some gasoline powered cars do.  And, when you combine their excellent fuel economy, with their reliability record. Buying a Diesel powered vehicle is as environmentally friendly, as it is economical.

3. Value for money

You may want to drive a popular car like a Honda Accord, or a Lexus RX350. But, stop and consider just how much you’ll actually pay to own such a car.

Cars like the Honda and Lexus have become popular, because they’re really good cars. But, you can find a Korean car that offers the same build quality and features, for thousands less.

Even though a Hyundai Sonata may not have the same high resale value as a Honda Accord. The overall cost of ownership is much less. Meaning, you’ll pay a lot less for things like repairs, and insurance.

4. Where to buy your car

Where you buy your car is just as important as what kind of car you buy. Dealers are in business to make a profit. And, most private owners are trying to make a profit too. So, that doesn’t leave you with many options.

An auto auction can provide you with a wide selection of cars, at wholesale prices. Once only the domain of licensed car dealers. Many car auctions will now allow public access through an auction service.

A good auction service can help you buy cars like a pro. From pre-sale inspections, to live bidding, and paperwork assistance. An auction service offers many tools that can turn anyone into a smart shopper. There’s even online bidding and, you can get access to a long list of auto auctions, and police auctions around the country.

If you’re planning to buy a new car soon, do your homework first. You’ll be amazed at the money that you can save.

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