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If you are trying to decide how to make some money off your used car, then there are a number of options available.  However, if you resell your used car at a Glendale, CA auto auction, then you could walk away happily surprised.  While there are a number of additional alternatives available, they will likely not end quite as well.  There are a variety of potential drawbacks when opting for more common options like trading it in or trying to resell it yourself.

If you have considered trading in you used car at a dealership, then there are certain things to keep in mind.  The first is that you will not be getting the maximum value for your vehicle.  Keep in mind that used car dealerships make money off of their trade-ins, which means that you could be getting more for it as well.  Another thing to consider is that when a dealership accepts a trade-in, they normally compensate for it by increasing the price that you will be paying for your new vehicle.  That means that in the end, this option can end up costing you money.  Plus, it means that you are tied down to making your purchase from a dealership, which comes with additional drawbacks as well.

Another common option that people will try is to simply sell their used car by themselves.  The biggest drawback to this method is that the entire process can be very time consuming.  First, it can take months to sell your used car privately, if you sell it all.  Second, you will spend countless hours showing your car to other people and letting them test drive it, which is a hassle at best.  You also need to consider how good of a negotiator you are.  If the person you end up selling it to is a better haggler than you are, then you could lose out on the deal.  Finally, you are responsible for doing all of the paperwork, such as the title transfer, yourself.

On the other hand, if you resell your used car at a Glendale, California auto auction, you can overcome all of these barriers and come out way ahead.  First, selling your car at an auto auction takes very little time on your part.  All you need to do is give your car to the auction house and let them take care of everything else, even the post-sale paperwork.  Secondly, at the auction, you have the ability to get your used car in front of hundreds of people who are attending specifically to buy a used car.  There is no better way to get your car in front of that many buyers at once.  Plus, many Glendale, CA auto auctions are now posting their listings online as well.  In many cases, they will hold an online auction prior to the live auction, or simultaneously, with the highest bid of both auctions being the winner.  That doubles your chance of cashing in.

You will also get the benefit of not being tied down to making your next auto purchase from a single place, like you would if you would trade it in.  In many cases, people who sell their cars at a Glendale, CA auto auction end up buying a car from an auction as well, which provides a number of additional benefits as well.

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