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When you decide that your next vehicle is going to be a used one, you have to know something about used cars like what to look for and how to secure best used car deals in Richmond. Apart from getting the most affordable and profitable deals you have to have strategies for negotiating and bargaining and most of all bidding at the used car auctions where most people looking for second hand cars go. Car dealers also head to all the government auctions and police auctions as this is where they get the cheapest deals with which they finally make their whopping profits. All vehicle auctions are open to the public and it is not as though you have to be a registered car dealer to attend them. It was a misconception with most people that they could attend such auctions only if they were registered car dealers, but this is not so and anyone can attend such auctions, bid for the cars which they have short listed and walk away with their winning bid.

How to get the best deals

If you decide to go to a used car dealer instead of a local auction then you must have a dealer who is reputed and trustworthy. If you look at the classified ads you will come across many contact details of used car dealers who are advertising vehicles for sale. Before you get in touch with one of them you should make enquiries and see whether the cars he deals with have always proved to be good deals and that he does not gyp you off. The same goes for dealers who you locate with an online search. Find out more about their business before you settle with them to find your used car. Buying directly from an auction like a gov auction is always the safest bet, but if you want to void the stress of bidding and cannot go through it the only other option left is to go through a used car dealer.

Strategies to deal with a dealer

First get to know the market value and prices of cars which you are interested in as you do not want to be caught unawares with the price. Once you have this information you can bargain and beat down the price if the dealer is quoting too much. Do not let the dealer intimidate you or force you to buy anything extra for the vehicle if you do not want to. Insist on inspecting the vehicle and if necessary ask for a history of the car too. If you show that you are bowled over by a certain vehicle the dealer will automatically put the price up, and know that you will waiver and fall for it, so do not show that you are too taken up by any vehicle. Stick to your price and if you do not get it for the price you are asking for then move onto another dealer. There will be hundreds of dealers wanting to make a deal and you will finally get a good bargain.

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