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Servicing Requirements for Your Used SUV 4WD

As the design and computerization of vehicles continues simplify the servicing requirements, many people have been left wondering exactly what they need to do.  Unfortunately, every make and model has different servicing requirements, even though they are all very similar on a fundamental level.  Understanding the servicing requirements for your vehicle is especially important if you buy it at an auction.  This is because with an auction, you will probably not be able to get a good idea about what has already been done to maintain the vehicle.  As an example, let’s look at what you should pay attention to if you own a used 4WD SUV, that you bought at a car auction.

If you bought a used 4WD SUV, there are some easy modifications that you can make to minimize the overall wear and tear on the vehicle.  The first thing you can do is add all-season tires.  Not only will they give you the best all-round performance, but also they should be considered critical if you are using the SUV for off-roading.  If you will be driving your 4WD SUV off road often, then you might also want to consider applying paint protection to minimize the chance of rust.  You should also add items such as, brush guards, power flow mud flaps, and high quality brakes.  All of these items will reduce the overall level of wear and tear associated with off road driving.

Since you do not get an accurate maintenance record when you purchase a 4WD SUV at an auto auction, there are some simple servicing requirements that you should do immediately.  By getting all of these items taken care of, you will be able to start a scheduled servicing regiment.

The first thing you should is replace the basics.  This includes changing the oil, oil filter, brake fluid, possibly the brakes and/or tires, spark plugs, transmission fluid, and all basic wiring.  By doing this outright, you can eliminate the guesswork involved with setting up a schedule to meet your servicing requirements.

If possible, it is also a good idea to give your used 4WD SUV an engine tune-up.  A basic engine tune-up should include a new PCV valve, air filter, and gas filter.

Aside from creating a new schedule to meet your used 4WD SUV servicing requirements, you also gain the ability to drive with your mind at ease.  By doing a tune-up as well as changing all of the regular maintenance parts, your SUV will be running at an optimum level.  Additionally, any potentially dangerous problems or leaks that exist, will have been caught while completing your tune-up.  This ensures that your SUV doesn’t break down a few days after you purchase it from an auto auction.

Following a regular maintenance or servicing schedule will always extend the life of your used 4WD SUV.  By doing a complete service right after you purchase it at an auto auction, you will be able to accurately create a future maintenance schedule that meets all of your SUV’s servicing requirements.

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