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Texas GSA Auctions Give Cheap Vehicles

If you haven’t taken a look at local government auctions, then may not be aware that Texas GSA auctions give cheap vehicles to the public on a regular basis.  There are a wide variety of different types of government vehicle auctions and the GSA auctions are fairly unique.  This is because they are only federal auctions that will include fleet vehicles.  If you know what to look for, then this can give you an incredible opportunity to find cheap vehicles.

Texas GSA auction

What Is the GSA and Why Is It Important

The GSA is also known as the US General Services Administration and is responsible for overseeing a variety of different tasks.  In this case, it is important because it deals with all of the fleet vehicles the government uses.  This includes both the purchase and sale of them.  Since the government sells so many fleet vehicles every year, they spread them out using auctions in a variety of states.  There are several commonly used locations in Texas for GSA auctions and they are all in major metropolitan areas.  When you are looking for these auctions, it is important to note that the GSA normally goes through area auction houses as well as using online auto auction resources.

Why Does Texas GSA Auctions Give Cheap Vehicles to Consumers?

The basic philosophy as to why the government auctions off fleet vehicles is because the taxpayers paid for them in the first place.  By auctioning them off to the general public, you get to take advantage of potentially huge savings.  So why are these vehicles so cheap?  It is because there are so many vehicles of same make and model.  In general, the US government tries to by locally manufactured cars and trucks for their fleet.  This means that there is a limited variety in terms of the make and model of vehicle that is available.  You can take advantage of this because you get a lot of different opportunities to get the exact vehicle you want.

How Can You Get the Best Deal at Texas GSA Auctions?

The best way to make sure that you get access to the best deals at these auctions is to pay special attention to which types of cars are listed in the highest volume.  For example, if you see that there are more of a particular car than anything else, then you should target that type of car.  The reason for this is that you can wait out most bidders and lock in a great deal towards the end of the auction.  Regardless of how many people are at the auction, only a certain percentage of them will want a particular type of car.  By waiting until most of them have already made a purchase, you can get a great deal later on because you have very little competition. 

If you find that the first few cars up for auction are going to extremely cheap, then you may benefit from buying early.  This is normally the case when there are a lot of seasoned auction buyers who are all trying to wait everyone else out.  You will normally notice whether or not this is the case within the few vehicles are auctioned off.  Essentially, the strategy is to do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing.  If they start out aggressive, then you wait them out.  If they all start out hanging back, then jump on a great deal early.

What Should You Expect at Texas GSA Auctions?

While the details of an auction can vary somewhat, the basics tend to be the same.  The first thing to keep in mind is that almost every GSA auction will post their listings online weeks before the auction begins.  It is becoming more common to utilize online auction sites to do this.  Another trend that is growing is to actually let you place bids online.  This is a great way to spot deals early and take advantage of them.  Another thing that you can expect from most Texas GSA auctions is 2 different types of vehicles being listed.  The first type is what most people expect.  These are the cars that are between 7-10 years old and have a decent amount of miles on them.  These are the fleet vehicles that have been used for a while. 

The other type of vehicle is known as an over-purchase.  These vehicles normally range from between 2 and 5 years old and have a lot less miles on them.  This type of vehicle is entered in the auction because the government purchased a few too many and don’t want to spend the extra money to maintain and store them, so they auction them off instead.  Both of these types are vehicles can go cheap as long you show up with the right strategy.

Another reason that Texas GSA auctions give cheap vehicles is because the state of Texas tends to hold more auctions than most other states.  With more auctions, comes more vehicles.  This means that at every auction, there will be less competition than in other states that only hold one GSA auction per year.

Overall, if you need to find a quality used vehicle but really need to find a great deal in order to get one, then GSA Texas auctions are definitely a place to look.  The key is to focus on the type of vehicle that provides you with the most opportunities to spot a good deal.  By doing this, as well as reading how aggressive other bidders are, there is no reason not to get a great deal on a reliable used government fleet vehicle.

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