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Getting used cars for less at Springfield, Missouri doesn’t always seem like the easiest of tasks.  The two largest auto auction houses are both dealers-only, which makes it impossible for a normally person to get in and bid on the used car of their choice.  Additionally, all of the largest government auctions are held in Independence, St. Louis, and Kansas City.  Fortunately, if you use the right tools, finding used cars for less at Springfield, MO doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here is a quick look at some of the tools that can help speed up the process.

The two most well known auto auction houses are dealers-only, however that doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for auto auctions in the Springfield area.  In fact, there are two sources that can quickly get you in line for a used car for less.  The first is Copart USA.  Copart USA allows for both online and live bidding.  They have facilities located across the US and Springfield is one of their locations.  Keep in mind that some of these cars are salvage cars, so it is always a good idea to go down to the facility before the auction and check them out for yourself.  The live auctions are held every Wednesday, however you can also place a proxy bid online anytime during the week before. 

The other auto auction house belongs to the IAA (Insurance Auto Auctions).  While they do hold auctions fairly frequently, it is important to pay attention to the listing.  Some of the auctions are public, while others are dealer-only. 

If auctions are not your style, then checking out the classified ads and dealing with a private seller may be a better idea.  Auctions can become overwhelming for some people, which hinders their ability to get a good deal on a used car.  This makes classified ads another option to consider.  The one place that will always have classified auto ads is the local newspaper (  Using local classified ads is not a new tactic and it has become overrun with dealership ads.  However, if you take the time to sort through all of the ads, you can quickly pick out the best deals that are offered by private sellers.

Another option is to use online classified ad sites such as and (also in print).  When dealing with online classified ad sites, it is important that you check out the vehicles yourself, in person, and ensure that they are in working order and have a clean title.  Granted, most people are not out to rip you off or scam you, there is always that small percentage that will.  Make the extra effort, simply to ensure that you know what you are getting.

When it comes to getting used cars for less in Springfield, MO there are a number of routes that you may take.  The only important fact is that you choose a method that you are comfortable with and that puts you in the best position to find a used car for less.  There is no reason to find an auction, if you do not think that you will be able to succeed in an auction environment.  Along the same line of thought, if you are not a good negotiator, then maybe dealing directly with a private seller isn’t the best choice.  Simply identify your strengths and make the best use of them as possible.  This will ensure that you find a used car for less in Springfield, MO.

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