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Why Buy Used Diesel Autos

If you are in the market for a used auto, then you might want to take a few moments to consider purchasing one with a diesel engine.  Why buy used diesel autos?  Simple, they provide a number of benefits over a traditional engine both in the short term as well as the long term.  Many people still associate diesel engines as dirty, expensive gas-guzzlers.  This perception was largely true back in the 1970’s, but today it’s a different story.  Here is a quick overview of the benefits that a used diesel auto can give you today.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Diesel fuel is much more energy dense than regular gasoline.  This results in a much better fuel efficiency, often as much as 30% than a regular engine.  In most cases, the fuel savings that a diesel engine offers will easily compensate for the higher initial cost within the first few years.  However, because you will be purchasing used diesel autos, the higher cost likely won’t be an issue.  It is also important to remember that with greater fuel efficiency comes less stops at the gas station which can lead to huge savings in short order.  While diesel fuel will cost an average of 10% more, it will also take you 30% farther.

Longer Lifespan

Diesel engines naturally run much cooler than a regular engine.  This lower average temperature can dramatically increase the lifespan for the engine.  In fact, most diesel engines can easily last more than 250,000 miles before any major replacements will be needed.  That’s much more than the 100,000 miles that a regular engine will provide.  Plus the overall level of maintenance is normally lower.  As an added bonus, the diesel engines can maintain their resale value so if you do decide to resell your used diesel auto, you will be able to set a much higher asking price.


Another reason to buy used diesel autos is that they perform much better than their counterparts.  A diesel engine is more effective in all phases of operation.  They can increase their speed faster and provide overall better performance.  Additionally, because they have more torque, towing is much easier.  Even if you are thinking about getting a diesel car, it will be very capable of towing average loads like boats, other vehicles, and trailers 


Many people don’t consider that with a diesel engine, using biodiesel fuel could be an option.  Biodiesel comes from plant oils and animal fats rather than petroleum, although there are some petroleum based biodiesel fuels available as well.  It is important to also keep in mind that no changes need to be made to your vehicle in order to use biodiesel fuel.  Many people can get confused because diesel engines can also be modified to run completely on vegetable oil. 

As you can see, there are a number of reasons that you consider a diesel engine next time you purchase a used vehicle.  Why buy used diesel autos?  They are 30% more fuel efficient; can easily eclipse 250,000 miles; provide greater torque, and makes cleaner biodiesel fuels an option.

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