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It is easier than ever to take advantage of Winston-Salem, NC cheap used car auctions.  This is largely because a majority of the auctions are taking place online as well as in person.  That has made it much easier for people in the surrounding area and beyond to get in on these great deals.  Winston-Salem, NC has a large number of neighboring municipalities, however the closest major city is either Greensboro or High Point, depending on which direction you plan on going.  Here is a closer look at how you can take advantage of Winston-Salem cheap used car auctions.

One reason that Winston-Salem in North Carolina has so many cheap used car auctions is because of the influx of college students that enter the area on a seasonal basis.  Two of the most notably secondary education institutions are Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University.  Many people don’t realize how many additional used cars come on the market because of these two colleges.  College students tend to get rid of their cars a year or two into college because they have likely had the car since they were 16 or 17.  Additionally, because this new generation of college students has become so internet-savvy, many of them now place their car directly in online auction sites.  This means that at any given time, you will not only be looking at cars that have been repossessed by lending institutions and government vehicles, but also vehicles from private owners as well.

When searching online, it is important to use an online auction site that is not only reputable, but also provides a wide selection of automobiles.  It is very likely that most Winston-Salem cheap used car auctions that are found online will actually contain vehicles which are listed on numerous sites.  This means that you can either look at results from several large, reputable online auction sites, or you can also use online auction sites that include results, not only from their own listings, but also from listings that are on “sister sites” or affiliate websites.

In order to make sure that you are happy with your purchase at Winston-Salem cheap used car auctions, there several tips to keep in mind.  First, you always need to review all of the relevant information related to the vehicle that you are interested in.  However, one of the most important tips that many people overlook is that you need to make sure that you can bid on the vehicle in real time.  Many live auctions will post the vehicles online before the auction, and will only award the online bidder the vehicle if their bid is above the live auction final bid.  While this may not seem like a problem, if the live auction bid is higher than yours, you won’t have a chance to raise your bid.  If you find yourself in this type of situation, you don’t need to panic.  Simply make sure that your online bid is your max bid.  That way, if you are outbid, you know that you wouldn’t have purchased it anyways.  Additionally, you most likely won’t have to pay your maximum bid.  You will only pay the “winning bid” price, which is normally $100 or $150 more than the highest bid at the live auction, depending on what increments are being used at the live auction.

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