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Category: Hybrid Used Cars

June 29, 2015

Hybrid Vehicle Prices: What to Expect When You Buy Secondhand

Filed under: Hybrid Used Cars - 29 Jun 2015

Over the last few years, the term “hybrid” has become popular especially among car enthusiasts. A hybrid vehicle means it can run on regular fuel and electricity or battery, which means lesser carbon emission and fuel dependency.

Although the number of …

February 22, 2015

Used Hybrid Car Buyers Guide

Filed under: Hybrid Used Cars - 22 Feb 2015

Since hybrid vehicles were first introduced in America in 1999 more than 2.1 million conventional hybrids have been sold. Of those vehicles nearly half of them have been resold at least once and there are nearly 400,000 used hybrids on …

January 15, 2014

Which Hybrid Cars Are Worth Buying?

Filed under: Hybrid Used Cars - 15 Jan 2014

Buying a hybrid car should certainly be considered by car buyers.  While the underlying hybrid car technologies have been around for nearly a decade it is clear that many car manufacturers have yet to fully embrace or adopt it.  As …

November 16, 2009

Buy Hybrid Cars at Government Auctions

Filed under: Hybrid Used Cars - 16 Nov 2009

When you are looking for a hybrid car and don’t want to pay full price, then a government auction may be your best bet. With seized autos on the rise as many people either default on taxes, get their autos …

October 12, 2009

Considerations for Buying a Used Hybrid Vehicle

Filed under: Hybrid Used Cars - 12 Oct 2009

You may be considering the option of buying a used hybrid vehicle and don’t know what to look for. Hybrid cars are getting trendier and popular as gas prices fluctuate. In fact, these cars are at the top of the …

July 24, 2009

Used Hybrid Vehicles – What to Look For

Filed under: Hybrid Used Cars - 24 Jul 2009

Our environment today is frankly out of whack. We are under many threats that range from global warming to pandemic spreading of diseases and to the slow disappearance of our natural resources. Now, we’ve all heard about global warming and …