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Category: Ohio Used Cars

April 25, 2014

Buy Cheapest Used Cars in Columbus Ohio

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 25 Apr 2014

Columbus in Ohio is one of the places where a person can buy cheapest used cars. In fact, the price of used cars in Columbus is about 2.3 per cent lower than the average price in the country. This figure …

September 13, 2013

Surplus Used Car Bargains Found In Toledo OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 13 Sep 2013

There seems to always be surplus used car bargains found in Toledo OH.  Surplus used cars come from a variety of places.  While most people associated strictly with government auctions, a number of businesses own and operate fleets.  As they …

August 16, 2013

Ohio Government Quality Ex Fleet Used Cars

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 16 Aug 2013

Anyone looking for Ohio government quality ex fleet used cars must seriously consider government sponsored fleet auctions.  Fleet auctions are the easiest way to access large amounts of fleet vehicles at a single event.  Today, it is also the most …

January 20, 2012

Buy Used Cars Online In Cleveland OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 20 Jan 2012

You been thinking about trying to buy used cars online in Cleveland OH?  If so, there are a number of things to consider.  The question is definitely not whether or not these types of auctions are available because the amount …

March 18, 2011

Used SUV Vehicles for Smart Buyers in Dayton, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 18 Mar 2011

There are used SUV vehicles for smart buyers in Dayton Ohio however less than savvy buyers could have problems.  If you are in the market for a used SUV then there are some important facts to keep in mind.  Every region …

June 4, 2010

Guide For Cincinnati Used Car Classifieds

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 04 Jun 2010

It seems like an impossible task to use classified ads to find a quality used car in Cincinnati, OH.  This is often because most of the mainstream classified ad options are all predominantly used by car dealerships.  If used correctly, …

May 2, 2009

Competitive Used Car Prices In Independence, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 02 May 2009

Are you planning to buy a used car?

Buying a used car might sound easier for people initially, but there is lot more than we may think. People may have their own choice of cars they want to buy, but the …

January 11, 2009

Used Cars in Warren, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 11 Jan 2009

Business of used cars in Warren still offers a lucrative opportunity for car buyers to purchase their dream model at unbelievably low rates. Yes, used cars! Warren offers a huge spectrum of choices when it comes to buying high-class well-maintained …

December 24, 2008

Used Cars in Dayton, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 24 Dec 2008

Used cars make a sensible choice for many practical people in Dayton. Used cars are best selling cars in Dayton and its closely knit neighborhood cities such as Oakwood, Kettering, New Chicago, Moraine, Riverside, Alpha, Trotwood and Amity. Used cars …

November 2, 2008

Used cars in Akron, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 02 Nov 2008

Used cars in Akron will help you keep costs and risks low for your personal transportation. Fuel efficient, safe and reliable used cars will drive you comfortably in the city of Akron as well as its surrounding cities such as …

October 18, 2008

Used cars in Toledo, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 18 Oct 2008

In a business friendly city of Toledo, OH you need a personal transportation of used car which provide you flexibility to move at your convenience with safety in your hands. You can cover the city of Toledo and its neighborhood …

October 16, 2008

Used cars in Cincinnati, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 16 Oct 2008

You can plan for more in city of Cincinnati, OH with a used car which gives you easy and affordable ride for years. Reliable service, dependability and longer driving – get all these for lot cheaper price of a used …

October 7, 2008

Used Cars in Cleveland, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 07 Oct 2008

Benefits of used cars

Cleveland is the city of most populous county Cuyahoga of Ohio State. Also, it is the center of Greater Cleveland, the largest metropolitan area in Ohio. Obviously, you need an affordable and dependable transportation of a …

September 25, 2008

Used Cars in Columbus, OH

Filed under: Ohio Used Cars - 25 Sep 2008

Buying a used car in Columbus is more than just selecting a make and model. It is a long way to make when you decide to buy a used car in Columbus making many choices on whether to take a …