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Anyone looking for Ohio government quality ex fleet used cars must seriously consider government sponsored fleet auctions.  Fleet auctions are the easiest way to access large amounts of fleet vehicles at a single event.  Today, it is also the most common way government entities release their used fleet vehicles into the public market.  In the past, they may have sold fleet vehicle directly to the public through a sealed bid auction or silent auction.  This is no longer a common practice.  Every state takes charge of their government fleet used cars differently and Ohio is no exception.

State and Federal Surplus Auctions Are Typically Held Together

Depending on the state you are in, state and federal surplus auctions may be held together or separately.  In Ohio, they tend to be held together.  This is primarily because Ohio holds surplus auctions much more regularly than most state.  As a result, it wouldn’t make sense not to the combine federal and state surplus items at the auctions.  Ohio has slowly moved to online auctions as well as sharing a large amount of information about previous auctions online.  In fact, residents can now get a complete listing of the most recent used fleet vehicle auction which includes the “sold for” price.  This can give you a great idea of what expect to pay for Ohio government quality ex fleet used cars.  The only caveat to keep in mind is cities, towns, and counties often hold their own auctions separate from the federal and state surplus sales.

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A Growing Number of Cities Use Online Auctions for Ex Fleet Used Cars

If there is one level of government that is the last to adopt online auto auctions it is local cities.  This trend has finally started to change.  Cities and counties in Ohio have discovered that leveraging in the internet is the easiest and most cost-effective way to sell their ex fleet used cars.  This makes it easier than ever for you to buy the perfect Ohio government quality ex fleet used car at rock bottom prices.

3 Things to Keep in Mind about Ohio Government Ex Fleet Used Car Auctions

Every type of auto auction is different.  When you begin your search for a nearby Ohio government sponsored auto auction selling quality ex fleet used cars it is important to know what to expect.  Not only does each type of auction have its own set of rules, but there is also a number little, but important, details that are easy to overlook.

1. All Vehicles are Sold As-Is

One of the most important things to remember about Ohio government auctions is that each vehicle is sold As-Is, Where-Is.  This means two things.  The first is that there is no warranty.  Whatever condition the vehicle is in when you buy it, is how it will be when you own.  The exception to this rule when buying a used car online is if the information provided was not accurate.  If there are any errors in the listing, you can return the vehicle and get a refund.  The vehicles are also sold Where-Is.  This means you will have to pick it up yourself or have someone pick it up for you.  Many cities and counties have arrangements with towing or shipping companies.  This allows you to get ex fleet used cars shipped to your home town at a discounted rate.

2. Every City and County Has Different Maintenance Standards

One of the biggest benefits of buying a quality ex fleet used car at Ohio government auctions is you know the vehicle has been regularly maintained.  Every city, county, and state government has created their own set of maintenance standards which are applied to every vehicle.  While this guarantees your ex fleet vehicle has been maintained, it is important to know that each city, county, and state may have different standards.  It is well worth your time and effort to quickly double check the maintenance practices of the individual entity before buying one of their fleet vehicles.  If you can get two identical cars at the same price, then it makes sense to buy the one that has been better maintained.

3. Always Check the VIN and Title Restrictions

In very few cases will there be any type of title restriction when buying Ohio government quality ex fleet used cars.  At the same time, it is always a good idea to double check.  For example, some former police vehicles will have restrictions on them that only allow other policed department to purchase them.  This doesn’t happen often, but it is worth double-checking.  Taking time to research the VIN number is just as important.  It will let you know if the vehicle has any record of previous accidents or major repairs.  Just because the vehicle was driven by a government employee, doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been in an accident.

Recent Ohio Government Quality Ex Fleet Used Cars Bought at Auction

2005 Ford Focus ZX4 S

This 2004 Ford Focus had only 50,000 and no title restrictions.  It includes maintenance records which note regular maintenance took place every 3000 miles.  There was noticeable wear on the interior, such as stained grey cloth seats, but the exterior looked strong and it ran well.  The winning bidder paid $4,805.00.  This particular vehicle was sold by a local Housing Authority.  It illustrates how you can find a great deal at government auctions by keeping an open mind about the source of the vehicle.

1999 Chrysler Concorde LX

For an older vehicle, this 1999 Chrysler Concorde was a great deal because it only had 110,000 miles.  It was a city-owned vehicle, which means it was regularly maintained.  It ran and drove well.  It had a gold exterior, charcoal cloth interior, power windows, and more.  The only issue which drove down the price was various dents and dings to the exterior.  The winning bidder paid just over $2000.

Other great deals found at recent Ohio auctions include:

  • 2007 Crown Victoria PP with 140,000 miles sold for $2000
  • 2009 Crown Victoria PP with 137,000 miles sold for $3,800
  • 2008 Chevy Impala LS with 123,000 miles sold for $5,600
  • 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT with 98,000 miles sold for $4,100
  • 2009 Ford Focus SE with 113,000 miles sold for $5,800

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