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3 Ways To Get A Better Used Car Deal In Vallejo CA

There are a number of techniques used to get a better used car deal in Vallejo CA.  Some of these strategies have proved to be consistently successful, while others only give the illusion of a good deal.  For example, paying a low price for a used car that will not be reliable may seem like a smart choice initially, however once all of the necessary repairs are made, you could end up spending much more than what the car is worth.  For the most part, all of the best techniques involve the proper planning.  Planning ahead and being knowledgeable about you are going to purchase is the key to success.  Here is a quick look at 3 ways to get a better used car deal in Vallejo CA.  It is important to note that these techniques can be used elsewhere across the country as well.

  1. Always Find Out The Local Value of the Used Car

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when trying to get a better used car deal in Vallejo CA is that they look at the national average value of the particular vehicle.  Using online tools, you can now find out what the value of any used car is locally, rather than relying on national averages.  Supply and demand is the primary factor that will determine how much a particular make or model costs and any local area.  For example, in California cars that are more fuel-efficient and greener tend to be in much higher demand than older gas guzzlers for large SUVs.  As a result, they will be more expensive.

Along the same lines, used cars tend to change their value throughout the year.  This is due to a variety of factors including recent model releases, the local economy, the number of trade-ins that car dealerships except, and the overall demand for used cars.  When trying to determine the local value there are a number of online tools you can use.  For example, Kelley Blue Book provides online tools that can give you a fairly accurate estimate of the trade-in value of any car based upon your zip code.  This information is gathered in cooperation with car dealerships across the country and it will let you know exactly what value they place on any used car.  By knowing this information, you will be able to better assess whether or not you are getting a good deal or paying more than the used car dealerships are.

  1. Have Your Financing Ready Before You Purchase a Used Car

Another way to get a better used car deal in Vallejo CA is to have your financing already set up before you actually purchase a used car.  Many people who purchase used cars try to secure financing through car dealerships because they believe that it will be the easiest and least expensive.  This thought process stems from the idea that used car dealerships are desperate to get you to make your purchase from them that they will give you the best possible rates.  The truth is that car dealerships can often make more profit off of financing used cars then selling them out right.  As a result, if you’re financing is not in order before you discuss specific cars then you will likely end up paying much higher interest rates.  Even an increase of your interest rate by 1% can become very expensive over the course of your loan.

Fortunately, there are a number of online tools that can help you secure financing before you even walk onto a dealership.  Not only can these tools help you find the cheapest loans possible, but it also allows you to set your budget before stepping on the lot.  This will ensure that you do not end up purchasing a car which is outside of your price range.  Additionally, it will protect you from focusing solely on the monthly payments which can cause you to accept poor terms on your loan because it looks much cheaper than it actually is.

  1. Purchasing a Used Car From a Dealership Should Always Be a Last Resort

Finally, you should try to avoid purchasing used cars from dealerships whenever possible.  In most cases, car dealerships make much better profit margins off of used cars then there new cars.  This is because it is easy to look up the invoice price for new car, however this is not an option for used cars.  Additionally, used car dealerships markup their used cars by several thousand dollars, if not more, than what they’re trade-in value was.  This means that in order to get better used car deals in Vallejo CA you should avoid dealerships and instead look for an option where the seller is not as motivated by turning a profit.

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This is why online auto auction websites have become one of the best possible places to purchase a used car.  Online auction websites tend to work in conjunction with local auction houses in order to get more exposure for each vehicle.  Fortunately, auction houses generate a profit regardless of how much the car sells for because they work off of a set commission percentage.  This means that by using online auction websites you will only have to pay more than anyone else is offering.  By knowing the local value and having your financing secured before bidding, you can take your time in order to do your research and spot the best possible deals.

A Review of 3 Ways to Get a Better Used Car Deal in Vallejo CA

As you can see, all three of these techniques are based upon gathering information, planning ahead, and knowing where to look for the best possible used car deal.  You should start by finding out what the local trade-in value of your target vehicles really is.  Next you should make sure that your financing is in line whether it is through a loan or cash payment.  Finally, you need to try and use resources which are less interested in profit margins per vehicle, such as an online auction website.

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