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People judge you by the kind of homes and vehicles you own and this becomes a status symbol. If you want to make your mark in this category too, you can find it at Berkeley which provides luxury used car opportunities. The used car auctions give you the opportunity to get yourself luxury cars which are cheap cars. You can spend less than half the retail value of the car to get yourself one which is normally a rich man’s pride. Of course such cars are also available for rent which people hire for special occasions in their lives like weddings, but when you can own one then why not. These cars have been confiscated from owners who were into drug peddling and other nefarious activities. These people live life dangerously and have a liking for the most expensive things in life. However, once they are nabbed by the law all this is confiscated and they end up with nothing as all this is sold at government auctions and other such local auctions.

Save thousands on used cars

Seized and confiscated cars are sold at very low prices, as the banks and lending organizations want to dispose of them as fast as possible and recover the loans which are left unpaid by the owners of these vehicles. Owners take loans to buy their new vehicles and then because of some financial problems like loss of job, unexpected expenses or even illness are left in the lurch and cannot pay up the loan. This results in the vehicles being seized by the lending organizations and handed over to repo auctions to be sold. As the banks and other loan providers do not have the capacity to sell vehicles and do not have such a vast exposure to the public this job is handled better by the auctioneers.

Inspect the vehicles before you bid

Most of these vehicles are in great condition but it is always safer to check out the condition yourself before you decide to bid for them. Most auctioneers permit you to carryout an inspection on the vehicles once you have registered with them. If you are experiences and have knowledge of inspecting a vehicle you can do this yourself or take a friends or a technical person along with you to do it. Once you are satisfied with the condition you can also gauge its price. Remember the repairs that you have to carry out on any vehicle to make it road worthy will have to be added to the bid value which you pay for it, as this is what it is going to be the final cost for it. So an inspection not just gives you the condition of the vehicle, it also helps you to settle for a bid amount which does not make the total value of the vehicle become too high.

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