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BMW 3 Series Sedan Used Car Review

Over the years, the BMW 3 Series has included a variety of different models of cars including convertibles, coupes, hatchbacks, sedans, wagons, and even a few diesels.  The BMW 3 Series sedan is often considered the most sought after on the secondary market.  There 3 different generations which are easily found by used car buyers.

Third Generation BMW 3 Series Sedan

The third generation of this sedan was released from 1990-1999.  The third generation is often referred to as the E36.  Throughout the decade, this car was extremely popular and is often credited for driving the success of the fourth generation.  They were the one the best cars of the time, described as being the perfect blend of luxury and sport.  When buying a used BMW E36, the key is finding one which has been well maintained because the mileage will likely be high.  Anything below 125,000 should be considered a possible target.  The same is true whenever someone comes across a low-mileage E36.  As a result, these cars held their value extremely well.  Currently, the third generation BMW 3 Series sedan carries a market value of $1,620 to $4,155.

Fourth Generation BMW 3 Series Sedan

The further generation BMW 3 Series sedan is also known as the E46 and was manufactured until 2006.  The sedan was introduced in 1999 and the rest were introduced in 2000.  It was consistently named as the top choice within its segment.  The highlights of this vehicle include the world-class suspension, steering, and braking system.  The interior design was always well-received as well.  Many experts considered the E46 to be the benchmark of its class and had a record year in 2002 with more than 561,000 units sold worldwide.  This shouldn’t be a surprise as it was named one of the Car and Driver’s Magazine 10 Best Cars every year it was produced.  The E46 market value ranges from $4,743 to $7,959.

Fifth Generation BMW 3 Series Sedan

The fifth generation BMW 3 Series sedan was manufactured from 2005 to 2011.  It is known as the E90.  This generation saw a complete redesign for its launch.  Changes can be found in nearly every element including the engines, transmission, suspension technologies, and a host of additional high-tech features.  The overall dimensions were much larger as well.  For several years, a 3.0 liter turbo-diesel inline 6 was produced.  It provided excellent fuel economy and an impressive amount of power.  The only notable drawbacks were a limited amount of interior storage space and a lack of rear seat headroom.  The market value ranges from $9,516 to $25,103.


The BMW 3 Series has been a hallmark of ingenuity and design for several decades.  As the latest generation begins to enter the used car market the prices of previous generations will likely decline.  This provides an excellent opportunity for used car buyers to lock-in on a quality, reliable, luxurious, and powerful car at extremely low prices.

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