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There are a number of cheap used cars in Providence, RI at wholesale prices. Providence has a few characteristics which make it unique from most other areas of the country. As a result, there are a greater proportion of cheap used cars available at auto auctions than elsewhere around the region. Here’s a closer look at how Providence is unique and why it is worth your time to pay close attention to it.

The fact that Providence is the capital Rhode Island and has a population of more than 175,000 people inherently lends itself to posting a greater number of auto auctions over the course of a year. This alone could explain why there are more cheap used cars at wholesale prices. However, there is another variable which helps explain this as well. In Providence, the rate of car theft is nearly 2 1/2 times greater than the national average. While this may not seem like a reason for cheap used cars to be on the market, it actually greatly affects the number of cars sold at wholesale prices through local impound auctions.

The best way to find cheap used cars in Providence, RI at wholesale prices is to pay close attention to the different types of government auctions that are commonly held there. There are two types of government auctions in particular which consistently prove to be beneficial. The reason that government auctions in general are considered to be one of the best resources for cheap used cars is because they rarely, if ever, have reserve prices. Additionally, the opening bid is often lower than at other types of auto auctions.

Wholesale Used Cars In RI

Government auctions featuring fleet vehicles are always a great way to find a reliable used cars at wholesale prices. It doesn’t matter if you attend a federal, state, or local auction in Providence because the listings will all look fairly similar. All levels of government in the United States try to purchase as many domestically manufactured products as possible and vehicles are no exception. This means that a majority of the cars used in government fleet are produced by Dodge, Ford, and Chevy. As a result, these auctions tend to have two or three models that will dominate the listing. With such a large number of cars that are the same make and model the supply far outstrips the demand. As a result, most bidders realize that there is no reason to bid up one particular car when another nearly identical car will be made available later on in the auction. By targeting the type of cars that appeared to be the most readily available at the auction, you will give yourself the greatest opportunity to find cheap used cars in Providence, RI at wholesale prices.

The other type of government auction to keep an eye on is police impound auctions. Along with having a fairly normal level of cars which are abandoned or never picked up by the owner, there are also a disproportionately large number of stolen cars which were recovered, but never claimed. After a short period of time, these cars will be placed in the impound auctions along with the other cars which were never claimed by their owners. Again, the result is that the number of cars available for exceed the number of competing bidders.

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