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You may not realize that there are a lot of fine clean title wrecks at Arvada, CO used car auctions.  Wrecked cars are something that a lot of people stay away from simply because they think that every car is only good for scrap.  If this was true, then these types of auctions simply wouldn’t exist because all of these cars would be sold for scrap immediately.  The fact that they do exist already proves that there are good opportunities out there for savvy buyers.  Here is a quick look at some of the different ways that you can benefit from these types of auctions.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we are talking about fine clean title wrecks at Arvada Colorado used car auctions, however the same advice applies to all regions.  The second thing to remember is that we are talking about clean titled wrecks.  A clean title means several things.  Some of the most common things that people think about it is that it means that there is no liens on the vehicle or that the car can be signed over to the buyer immediately.  However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that since the title is clean, it means that these wrecks are not salvage vehicles because when a vehicle is totaled by an insurance company, it gets a salvage title.  A salvage title means that the car cannot be legally driven until it passes all of the state tests, normally because a decent amount of work has to be done to it.  Because it is a clean title, you can assume that it can legally be driven without any additional testing.

The biggest benefit of buying fine clean title wrecks at Arvada used car auctions goes to the people who don’t care about the cosmetic appearance of the vehicle.  If you don’t really care about body damage and are just looking for a car that will get to work and back then this is the perfect opportunity for you.  The same is true for people who are looking for a “work truck” that is going to be used in the country or to haul things because the external appearances don’t matter as much.  People in this category can often get a fantastic price because other people don’t give these cars a second look, which means that they won’t be bidding on them at the auction.  At the same time, salvager’s won’t be bidding on them because they don’t want to pay more than the parts alone are worth.

However, if you want your car to look great as well as run great, you can still benefit from looking into fine clean title wrecks at Arvada used car auctions.  The only difference is that you need to factor in the estimated cost of getting the body work done into your bidding price.  While you can still get a great deal, you will need to leave your car in the shop for a few days or weeks while the body work is being done.  If you plan ahead, you may be able to find used parts fairly cheaply instead of paying for new parts.

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