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Negotiating Tips For Buying Cheap Used Cars In Kansas City

Jazz and Kansas City, KS seem to go hand in hand. The mellow music, and relaxed setting make KC an inviting place to live. However, for most people in Kansas City, the process of buying a new car is neither inviting, or relaxing. It can be a cumbersome task indeed.

From figuring out what you want, to arranging the financing and negotiating the final sale price. There’s a lot of steps involved. And, each of these steps can either cost you a lot of money, or they can save you a lot of money.

The first step is figuring out what you want. If you already have a car in mind, make sure that you can really afford it. Check the reliability record of the car. Is it likely to be a good car, or is it known to break down a lot? Next, check the insurance rates for the car. Some models are more expensive to insure than others. If you decide that you can realistically afford the car that you want, then it’s time to move on to step two. Car shopping!

Private owners often have cars that are in great condition. But when it comes time to talk numbers, the price might not move very much. Many private sellers still owe money on their cars. So, they need to get top dollar from you. That way they can pay off their loan, and afford the down payment on their next car.

To both protect yourself, and save some time. Ask the seller how much they still owe on their car. This will tell you how much room they have to move on the price. If they owe close to the book value, just walk away. Finding a good deal isn’t very hard, if you look in the right places.

Car dealerships can have good deals. But you have to work very hard to get them. If you can arrange financing outside of the dealership, you’ll have stronger footing to negotiate a good deal. If you find a car that you like, then hear lines like “I’ve had 3 people look at this car today”, just ignore them. They can tell that you like the car, and they’re trying to rush you into a deal.

Simply make them a good offer, and stick to your guns. They have to make a profit to stay in business. But, the trick is to find a number that works for the both of you. If they give you the run-around, or just reject your offer, don’t be afraid to walk out. If there’s still a deal to be had, they won’t let you leave, without giving you a counter offer.

Another place that you can look for used car deals in Kansas City is at an auto auction. Dealers, banks, government agencies and finance companies use car auctions to liquidate their excess inventories. Most of these cars sell at wholesale prices. So, finding a good deal is usually pretty easy.

Kansas City car auctions require that each seller give an accurate assessment of their car’s mechanical condition. So, if it needs new tires, brakes, or other repairs, it will be clearly stated.

When you find a car that you like, factor the cost of these repairs into your bid. Since the final sale will probably be thousands less than the retail value. You can usually make the repairs, and still come out ahead. Plus, you won’t have to haggle over the price like you would with an owner, or dealer. Simply bid up to the amount that you feel is reasonable. And, if you don’t win, don’t worry. Just be patient, and stick to the price that you’re willing to pay on each car.

Chances are, you will eventually wind up getting a really good deal. And, you’ll probably have a lot of fun too. A good auction service can help you to navigate the world of car auctions by doing things like arranging pre-sale inspections, and helping you with the paperwork.

If you want to take full advantage of buying at a car auction, an auction service is the way to go.

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