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Used Car Market

Auctions Popular For Used Cars

Sales of vehicles at car auctions in the US are booming.  There are signs the US economy is coming out of recession and KAR Holdings have even announced a share float.  You can find just about any make and model car and generally pay substantially less than at a dealer.  Many people prefer to buy… Read More »

Government Used Cars

Buying Government Fleet Vehicles

Every year the Government auctions off thousands of fleet vehicles that they no longer need or they need to update.  This provides amazing opportunities for smart buyers to purchase a vehicle ad well below average prices. Consider all the police vehicles, SUVs, squad cars, and the like and these are retired after each year of… Read More »

Used Car Buying Guide

Guide to Shopping for a Used Car

Used cars can represent fantastic savings in vehicle purchases if you know what to do.  Here are some general guidelines to help you. Understand Your Finances As with any large purchase, start with understanding your finances. This is probably the most important part of the process.  Buying a used auto will be easier and less… Read More »

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