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Do you currently live in Mesa, Arizona? According to, the average salary in the third biggest city in the state is $49,000. Although this is significantly higher than other cities in Arizona or even the entire country, it still means it’s tough to own a really good car, perhaps a luxury car like a Mercedes or a Hummer.

But, don’t worry, there’s hope. You can own a quality used car without breaking the bank.

Join an auto auction.

Auto auctions are gaining more fans over the years for many reasons. Bidders have access to several cars with different makes, models, year, mileage, and other features. Regulations have become tighter, so the risks of buying a lemon or an illegal vehicle are significantly reduced.

Best of all, they can save a lot of money, which can be as much as 70% the car’s book value.

How can this be? Many of the cars auctioned today come from the government and the banks. These are institutions that can build many surplus assets. Assets that are not in use eat a huge chunk on inventory expenses. Rather than incur these expenses, they would sell them and get a profit that best fits the value of the car. For banks, selling means recouping the losses they may have incurred due to the owner’s payment default.

Simply put, more often than not, they are eager to sell, and to make the cars attractive, the typical minimum bid price is low.

Moreover, as more vehicles are being auctioned, the competition among bidders for a particular used quality car can be low. This means the incremental bid price won’t be that high, giving you a good fighting chance.

What types of vehicles can be auctioned? These can range from luxury to average, from sedans to SUVs and trucks, cars with used car warranties, and a whole lot more.

How to Join a Mesa AZ Auction

You can always go online such as Google to search for car auctions in Mesa, or you can do a shortcut by subscribing to an auctions list.

An auctions list is basically a database of auto auctions all around the country. Lists such as those of already have 4,000 entries, which tell you choices are abundant. It’s possible to narrow your search according to preferred area, say, Mesa. If you want to have more options for auctions, just broaden the search to include other cities such as Phoenix or Scottsdale. You can also look for those that are within Maricopa County, including auctions in Tempe.

What if you cannot find the car you’re looking for in these auctions? Then do what other buyers do: they look in other states. Try New Mexico, California, and Nevada. These states are large too with equally vibrant and busy cities, making them attractive to auctioneers.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality, and you don’t have to compromise comfort, convenience, reliability, and even luxury when it comes to cars. With Mesa auto auctions, you can own a good one.

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