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If you have been looking for used car auctions in Springfield MA, then you may have noticed that they can be hard to find.  There are several trends around Springfield that seem to have made it more difficult to find these auctions on a regular basis.  To get a leg up, here’s a quick look at some simple techniques you can use to find nearby used car auctions and how to position yourself to take advantage of the best deals possible.

Most people assume that there are a large number of used car auctions in Springfield MA simply because of its size.  It is considered to be the most populous city in the western part of New England.  It is also the seat of Hampden County.  However there are several large cities along the coast of Massachusetts that places like Boston tend to attract the most auctions.  At the same time, once you know how to spot these auctions, taking advantage of them will be that much easier.

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Just like most other metropolitan areas, there are a handful of different types of used car auctions in Springfield MA to choose from.  Since the volume of used car auctions appears to be lower than many other cities, most of these auctions fall into two categories – government or general public.  Government auctions will bring in vehicles from several sources.  Since Springfield is the County seat, you will likely find the county auction as well as the city auction.  These auctions tend to have primarily fleet vehicles used by the local government.

A majority of the auctions in Springfield are classified as general public auctions.  These auctions bring in vehicles from a variety of different places.  The first type of vehicle you will find our repossessed vehicles.  These are used cars which were repossessed by a bank or credit union because the previous owner either could not keep up with the monthly payments or they did not carry comprehensive insurance – which is normally a requirement of all vehicles which are not yet paid for.  While lending institutions do try to sell these cars themselves, they normally don’t do much aside from place a for sale sign on the windshield of the vehicle wherever they decide to park them.  As a result, after a few weeks the lending institution will place them in the next general public auction.

Another common source of these vehicles are towing companies or impound lots.  They towing company will bring a vehicle to their lot for a variety of reasons.  It could be because it was parked illegally on private property, it broke down on the side of the road, or a number of other scenarios.  In many cases, towing companies also have contracts with government agencies, such as the police, and will toe any vehicles that need taking care of.  Once this happens, it is up to the previous owner to get their vehicle out of impound.  Normally this requires paying for the towing expenses and storage.  If the owner decides not to do this, the towing company then has the right to sell these vehicles in order to recoup their expenses.  While some towing companies hold their own auctions, most of them add their vehicles to larger general public auctions in order to attract more bidders.

One of the most underrated sources of vehicles and general public auctions, especially in Springfield MA, is fleet vehicles used by local businesses.  Springfield is considered to be the economic center of Western Massachusetts.  This is because they have the highest concentration of banking, retail, high tech, and manufacturing in the area.  As a result, all of those businesses maintain their own fleet of vehicles and will auction them off as they are replaced.

The easiest way to find used car auctions in Springfield MA is to use an online car auction website.  These websites team up with local auction houses and government agencies to help them auction off their vehicles.  This is a huge benefit for you because you gain an advantage over traditional methods of attending auctions.  The biggest benefit is that online auction websites provide you with up-to-date, detailed listings which are rarely available elsewhere.  This means that before the auction even begins, you will know about nearly every vehicle that will be available as well as have access to critical information that will help you do research before the auction begins.  As a result, once you decide to attend the auction or bid online, you will already know which five or 10 used cars will best fit your needs.  This will allow you to focus all of your efforts and attention to a small group of vehicles which dramatically improve your odds of being the highest bidder when a great deal services.

Another benefit of using online auction websites to find upcoming used car auctions in Springfield MA, is that they also allow you to expand your search to include neighboring regions.  This is particularly beneficial if you are interested in vehicles in Springfield because Hartford, Connecticut is only 24 miles away.  Hartford consistently hosts as many used car auctions as any other city in Connecticut.  This means that you essentially get access to twice as many used car auctions with no additional effort.  As an added bonus, transporting your vehicle from Hartford to Springfield is extremely easy, even if you don’t want to pick it up yourself.

With the growing interest in used car auctions in Springfield MA, you will need to be on your game in order to take advantage of the best deals when they arise.  Since there is a limited number of local auctions, you can dramatically increase your chances of spotting a great deal by including surrounding regions, especially Hartford Connecticut.  By utilizing a reputable online used car auction website, you will get access to more information, more quickly, then your competition.  As a result, you will be better prepared and will be able to create an effective strategy to bring home exactly what you want, at a price that you can afford.

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