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Used Cars Sale at Police Auctions in Stockton CA

If you’re looking for an affordable used car, you might turn your attention to police car auctions happening in Stockton, California.

Many people don’t know that the police department does auction vehicles, and the types that are available for bidding can be eclectic. First on the list are the police cars. These cars are an interesting bunch because they tend to receive the most beating due to the driver’s line of work. They have more miles covered, probably have a couple of dents or tears on the leather seats, or have been sitting unused for some time especially when it’s not auctioned right away. However, the cars themselves are well maintained and are comfortable to ride. The police force is also given budget by the government for the maintenance of the property.

The auction may also include seized vehicles. According to state and federal laws, the police have the right and duty to seize a vehicle that’s uninsured or they suspect it to be involved in a certain illegal activity. The vehicle is impounded until such time the owner is cleared of charges or the proper process for retrieving it is completed.

Yet some owners decide not to get it back. It’s also possible that the vehicle can no longer be reunited to the driver. It therefore becomes part of the police custody and inventory.

Why does the police department sell their assets?

It all boils down to finances. Every car becomes an inventory, and inventory costs money to maintain until it is sold. Further, since cars eat up a considerable tract of land, the police force could be losing money by not being able to maximize such land.

It can also be a good way for the force and the city to increase their income. Stockton is one of the cities that have been badly hit by the recent recession, which resulted to deep budget cuts that affected the police force.

Why buy in police car auctions?

Joining a Stockton police car auction gives you the opportunity to select among several car models such as Ford and Dodge while paying a very low price. Depending on how excellent of a bidder you are, you can win a vehicle with as much as 50% savings compared to its original book and trade-in value.

The auctioneer will also help you in filing the proper documentation so the car’s title will be transferred to you and you can take it home after the auction. Take note, however, that since you don’t have the appropriate insurance for it yet, you cannot drive it. You can tow it or hire a transport carrier service.

Police car auctions are also common, although intervals are not often guaranteed. So if you don’t get the car you wanted in Stockton, you can venture into the rest of San Joaquin County like Tracy, Lodi, or Escalon.

If there’s one thing you have to remember, it’s that vehicles are sold as they are. All the defects are part of the deal. To make sure that what you’re paying is worth it, inspect and test-drive (if allowed) before bidding.

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