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If you are looking for cheap used car auctions in Cedar Rapids, IA, then you will likely have a lot of options to choose from.  The key is identifying the potential strengths and weakness of each auction.  By doing this, you will be able to skip auctions that will likely not be beneficial and spend more time finding great deals at auctions that are more likely to fit you needs.  Here is a quick look at some of the different ways that you can choose which auctions are best for you.

Choosing Cheap Used Car Auctions in Cedar Rapids, IA Based On…


One way to decide which auctions are the best fit is based upon what type of auction they are.  There are a wide variety of different types of auctions and they each have a unique trend of cars that will be available.  Some of the most common types include: government fleet auctions (federal, state, county, and city/town), repossessed/bank owned, stolen, wrecked, and salvaged.  While these are some of the most common types, there are others available to the public as well.


Some people prefer jumping from smaller auction to smaller auction because there will likely be less competition.  The biggest drawback to this is that you may have to go through dozens of auctions to find the car that meets your needs.  On the other hand, once you do find it, there will probably not be very many people bidding against you.  Others prefer to only attend large auctions.  While there will be more overall competition, there will also be a much larger selection.  This means that you will probably find a handful of cars that meets you needs.  That means that you can pass on several cars if there are too many competing bidders and wait until the best deal emerges.

Bidding Style

There are several different ways that you look at the bidding style.  The first is simply choosing between either online or live bidding.  Both have their own benefits and drawbacks to keep in mind.  You may also want to narrow the bidding styles down even further.  For example, some auctions will have several cars up on several auction blocks simultaneously.  Some people enjoy the fast pace that this provides, while others feel overwhelmed or worried that they may miss the cars that they were focusing on. 

Regardless of how to decide which types of auctions are best for you, there is a good chance that you will find cheap used car auctions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on a regular basis.  Some people will just go to whatever auction they see, however this will result in either a wasted day or a purchase that comes with a big dose of buyers remorse.  To ensure that you go to auctions that will benefit you and that you can make a purchase that you will happy with a week later, it is essential that you attend auctions that make you comfortable and have a good chance of success.

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