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Finding cheap used cars in the Austin area is easier than ever before.  Public car auctions offer a variety of great deals almost every week in the Austin area.  These cars are often from sources such as the government or are bank owned/repossessed.  Used car dealerships are just the middle men, and add an arbitrary markup to generate a profit.  To truly find cheap used cars in Austin, you need to skip the middle man.

Ex-government cars can be from several sources.  The most common source of government cars is from their fleet.  The government has a large fleet of vehicles that are used by employees and every year they buy new cars to replace some of the older cars in the fleet.  However, the older cars are often only 2-3 years old.  Ex-government cars are often very well maintained and offer you a long life after their government service.  These cars are often found at local auctions and can be purchased at a fraction of the price that you would find at used car lot.  Cheap used cars are never hard to find if you know where to look.

Repossessed or bank owned cars can also be found at local public auctions in the Austin area.  Some of the more common auction houses associated include Adesa Austin, Auto Broker Center, and Lone Star Auctioneers.  Banks only want to ensure that they make the same amount of profit from selling the vehicle that they would have made off of the loan they originally gave.  This makes the starting price of many repossessed vehicles extremely low.  Additionally, even though the cars are cheap, they were often well maintained and require little or no additional money to put into them after you make the purchase.

Many public auctions may even have a combination of sources for their cars.  This means that at one auction you could find bank owned cars, ex-government cars, private sector fleet cars, and repossessions as well.  With cars coming form so many different sources, you will often get a wide variety to choose from which makes finding a cheap used car in Austin easier than ever. 

The reason that it is a good idea to find either ex-government or repossessed cars when searching auctions in Austin, is that they have the most to offer.  Cars from these two sources tend to have the longest lifespan for the second owner, which is you.  Government cars are maintained on a regular basis, and bank owned vehicles are rarely sent to auction before a mechanic makes any fixes that are necessary, to ensure a profit for the bank.  While it is great to find a cheap used car at an auction, it isn’t a great value if it only runs for a year before it needs a major repair.  The key is finding a quality car that is still at a cheap price.  For this, nothing fits the bill better than ex-government cars and bank owned cars in Austin.

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