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It seems like there are always cheap used cars for sale in Tacoma, WA.  Geographically and economically, Tacoma is in a unique situation that has led to a growing number cheap used cars on the market.  Not only are these deals found through private owners, but online auto auctions as well.  To get a better understanding of why Tacoma, WA has such a unique environment, there are several key factors worth considering.

One reason that Tacoma, WA consistently has a number of cheap used cars for sale is that it is a port city.  It is located on Puget Sound and is the third largest city in the state.  Every year the Port of Tacoma handles nearly 18 million tons of cargo, which includes electronics, grain, lumber, and of course, automobiles.  Currently, it ranks as the 7th largest container port in all of North America.  From the port, nearly 70% of all of the containers are then moved by rail and truck to the Midwest and East Coast.  So what does this mean for used car prices?  A lot.  Ports are notorious for having “extra” product that is quickly sold in local auctions.  The reason for this is that the company or person who the used cars belongs to either doesn’t have the proper paperwork to actually unload the vehicles, or they do not may their dock payments, in which case the port keeps their containers as compensation.  In order to get their money back, much a like a bank that repossess a car, the port will then put these used cars up for auction.  This means that there are not only used cars from the local community, but also an additional influx of used cars from the port.

Another reason that you can find cheap used cars for sale in Tacoma, WA is it’s semi-isolated location.  Aside from Seattle, which is located north of Tacoma, there are no other major cities remotely nearby.  To the east and west, Tacoma is surrounded by a combination of Puget Sound, Olympia National Park, and Wenatchee National Park.  That means that there are very few access points, aside from Interstate 5.  This means many people who live in the State of Washington will opt to travel to either Seattle or Spokane in search of cheap used cars.  This means that there is less competition per used car, which drives down prices.

The unique combination of function and location make Tacoma, WA a great place to find a great deal on used cars.  They have a higher percentage of available used cars compared to surrounding areas because of the additional used cars that are placed on the market by the port itself.  Additionally, because Tacoma has limited entry points, less people travel to Tacoma to check out used cars.  Instead, they focus primarily on Spokane and Seattle.  As an added bonus, aside from low prices, Tacoma is built on a solid transportation/shipping system.  This means that regardless of where you live, the entire area is designed so that they can effectively ship products across the entire United States, in fact, because of the products offloaded at the port, they do this on a daily basis anyways.  In short, you have more options, lower prices, and your used car can be shipped anywhere in United States.

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